Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod



  • 100 cost and +25 cost-per-city for National Wonders (was 50, +50).


  • Upgrading to a worker from the warrior/archer opportunities no longer ends the unit’s turn, allowing the new worker to move away from potential barbarian threats. The worker also ignores terrain cost (instead of +1 moves).


  • Increased AI per-era production and science bonuses.
  • AIs should be more likely to build the Utopia Project once it’s unlocked.
  • AIs with the “conqueror” personality type are now encouraged to capture the nearest citystate. Click for details.


  • The city focus section of the City View now defaults to open, instead of closed.


  • Fixed a bug causing AI starting units to have lower experience than intended.
  • Possibly fixed a bug causing the “choose technology” notification to not appear when techs are fully researched.
  • The Order finisher now checks to make sure the player has the coal necessary for awarding Factories.

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