Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

v152.6 Beta


  • Ranged blitz: Can attack twice at 75% ranged damage (was 100%). Click for details.
  • Moved Indirect Fire and Repair earlier in their respective promotion trees. Click for details.
  • v.6 Pre-industrial light ships have 1 attack range.
  • v.6 Light ships have the same vs-city penalty as land archer units.


  • Wu Zetian: Chu-ko-nus have the same ranged strength as Crossbows (was -4).


  • Added the Condensed Promotions and 2 related mods by whoward69. Click for details.
  • v.5 Spending gold on citystate windows now plays the gold soudn (such as for a gold gift).


  • Possibly fixed a bug where diplomacy text did not show correctly when using only CiVUP.
  • v.4 Fixed a bug causing occupied cities to have higher happiness than intended.
  • v.5 The “improve resources” button on citystate windows should now correctly deduct gold.
  • v.6 Diplomats can be purchased in cities (if using the CSD mod with VEM).

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