Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod



  • Click to discuss science changes.
  • 15 per player (was 5).
  • Adjusted tech costs to keep research pace unchanged in the early game, and slightly faster in the modern era.
  • 1 per 1 basic science income per city (was 2 per 1).
  • 1 per 1 from new science building available at turn 0.
  • 1 1 Villages (was 2 gold) and unlock with Pottery (was Trade).
  • Moved Markets to Trade and reduced cost & effect.
  • Moved a Merchant slot from Granary to Lighthouse.


  • Added 6 new ancient era opportunities:
  •  or : Desert Adobe
  • or : Snow Sleds
  •  or : Mountain Refuge
  • or : River Flooding
  • Worker or Tiles: Land Grab
  • Worker or Military: Barbarian Mercenaries


  • 15 per player.
  • Adjusted policy costs to keep policy rate unchanged.


  • Reduced AI unit maintenance costs 10%.


  • The “improve resources” option in citystate windows can no longer build Moai Statues or Terrace Farms.
  • Clarified the workboat “all terrain” ability to specify ice, not mountains.
  • Fixed a bug causing Missile Subs to have the wrong name.
  • The median tech percent line on the Porcelain Tower tooltip should now display when only CiVUP is enabled.
  • Fixed a typo in the Options file. The value of 1 enables CSD compatibility, not 2.
  • v.2 Fixed a bug with “sorrow” appearing as “sorUpdate” in some diplomacy text.
  • v.2 Fixed a bug where the quest to “Fight [X civilization]” in the City-States tab of the diplomacy overview is missing the “F”.
  • v.2 Pachacuti’s trait now reads “on hills” instead of “in hills.”
  • v.2 Barbarian camps list all citystates with a quest, instead of just one.
  • v.2 Unimprovable features like oases no longer show possible improvements on their mouseover information.
  • v.2 Cleaned up the text for yield breakdown tooltips (in the city view).
  • v.2 Askia’s Mud Pyramid Mosque now provides 10 culture, as intended.

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