Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod



  • 0.5/ and +1 Mentors’ Hall (was 1, 0).
  • 0.5/ and +15% Library (was 25%, 0).
  • Returned the Great Library to a 1-free-tech bonus and increased the cost. Click for details.
  • Returned the Hanging Gardens to a 6 3 bonus (was 4, 2, and extra great artist rate).


  • Sejong: 2 Farms (was 1).
  • Nebu: +25% scientist creation rate (was 0) and 1 scientist slot on Walls of Babylon (was 2).


  • Communism: No longer constructs factories if the factory would reduce the player’s quantity of coal below 5 (same for spaceship factories and aluminum).


  • +1% AI science per era per difficulty. Click for details.
  • AIs are less likely to purchase military units in the very early game.
  • AIs always attempt to purchase workers if they have too few, instead of using a random probability to decide.
  • AIs attempt to purchase scouts if they have less than 2 and have not researched Levies.
  • The AI capital production bonus is now limited by population.


  • Progress on fixing a citystate quest bug. Click for details.
  • The topbar science tooltip no longer shows a science deficit whenever gold rate is negative (the correct modifier is when gold rate goes below gold stored).
  • Adjusted the AI capital yield bonus to match the recent changes to free science/culture.
  • The “defensive modifier” line no longer shows on the terrain mouseover for cities, since units in cities cannot be attacked, and the city itself does not receive these modifiers.

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