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Archive for June, 2012

VEM v161


  • The diplomacy trade window should now work correctly.
  • The workshop subscribe button should correctly install the mod.

Civup v13


  • Citystate quest icons on the diplomacy list should work.
  • Citystate influence bars should show correctly.
  • Constructing buildings should work.
  • Added faith to its intended locations in the yield chain.
  • Updated the locations of culture in the yield chain (now that it’s part of the Yields table like other yields).
  • Faith should now show on the terrain mouseover tooltip.

VEM v160

I’ve uploaded the non-G&K version of the “Unofficial Patch and Vanilla Enhanced” project to the Steam workshop.

Please drop by to rate the project if you enjoyed it, even if you no longer play vanilla. I’m working on getting it compatible with the June 14th patch. I started a game in vanilla with the mod enabled and was able to advance a few turns without noticing any problems. Please visit the bug report forum if you encounter any issues.

Civup v9


  • Purchasing things in cities should now work correctly.
  • Fixed a problem with the diplomacy trade box.

Civup v6

Updated with additional G&K compatibility for:

  • Building tooltips now show faith and espionage effects.
  • Yield list at top-left of the city view shows faith.
  • Production panel shows buildings & wonders.

Unofficial Patch Update

I’ve updated Civup. Get it on the workshop or the download link at right. This is the “release day” version for the Gods and Kings expansion, and should be decently compatible with the expansion. I played a few turns without seeing any error messages.

Stability and balance of beta versions cannot be assured, this is what testing is for! 🙂 Please click here to report any bugs you encounter. Visit the Civup/Vem forum to discuss the project.

Old versions

I anticipate most people will get the expansion so I’m focusing on the G&K version for now. Once the G&K version is working decently I will go back and fix problems with the non-G&K version. I will update the pre-expansion version of the project so it works without G&K.

  1. Get civup working with G&K.
  2. Fix bugs with the old non-G&K project.
  3. Get vem working with G&K.