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  • Updated Spanish translations.

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  1. Hey, I came up with a (possibly) cool addition for GEM, related to the overhaul of the navy in G&K.
    Late in the game, probably in the Information Era, Worker Boats recieve the ability to build a fort on coastal tiles. A ship positioned in the fort gets the same bonuses that a unit gets on land. These could be used to protect coastal cities. But I’m not sure – Is it possible to make worker boats not improve a tile immediately, but work on it like a worker?

    The reason why I said the Information Era is because that in the future we should be able to build cities on water. This would be sort of weird in CiV, but a fort would be mighty fine IMO. Still, if it’s prefered, it might be doable for a civ in Medieval/Renaissance, I guess…

    Also, if it doesn’t ruin gameplay, maybe Great Admirals could build Citadels on water… 😉

    July 18, 2012 at 6:43 pm

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