Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Civup v23


  • Copied over VEM enhancements to citystate windows (click for details):
    • List of protecting leaders.
    • Yield exports (military units, happiness, great people, etc).
    • Unimproved resources are indicated with a fraction (improved / total).
    • Resources are colored based on availability. Click for details.
  • Removed these enhancements, since Firaxis included them in the G&K base game:
    • Similar resources group together on the export list.
    • Improve resource button.
    • Find on map button.

Mod Tools

  • Added a new “Deals” xml table to store deal priority, iconstring, and description.
  • The function player:GetDeals() now returns information from the Deals table.
    (I will use this in a future version to add current-deals information to the Trade tab. Civ’s trade code is strangely designed and wore me out, so I’m taking a break from it.)


  • Fixed some more errors with ‘ apostrophes appearing as ” quotation marks in diplomacy text.
  • Top bar
    • Swapped the Faith and Great Person sections.
    • Removed the word “Great” from GP names in the GP section.
    • The at-a-glance trade tooltip now shows # of possible embassies.
  • Diplomacy Overview
    • Increased the size of the window.
    • Added embassies to the Trade tab.
    • Moved the Relationships tab to the right of the tab list.

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