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Archive for August, 2012

Gem v1.6.11, Civup v2.0.41


  • -5% Skirmishers.
  • +10% Landships.
  • -1 moves WW1-era infantry, vanguards, and landships.
  • -1 moves paratroopers.


  • Renamed Rifling to Smokeless Powder. Combining this with Industrialization unlocks Riflemen (aesthetic change with no effect on gameplay).
    The invention of smokeless powder revolutionized military weapons and tactics. Older forms of gunpowder (called black powder) produced large quantities of solid soot. This smoke fouled barrels, prevented accurate shooting, and made it difficult for commanders to give orders through the battlefield haze. Smokeless powder literally cleared the way for tactics focused on accuracy, breech loading firearms, and autoloading firearms with many moving parts.


  • Fixed a bug with early building costs.
  • Fixed a bug with vanguard unit attributes.
  • Fixed a bug with Hagia Sophia faith bonus.
  • Fixed bugs with mobile sams, marines, helicopters, and mechanized infantry.
  • Swapped the icon art for Conscripts and Infantry.

Gem v1.6.10, Civup v2.0.40


  • Updated AI priorities for policies.


  • Inspiration policy should correctly give a free Great Artist now.
  • Temporarily replaced the free great prophet/inquisitor on Piety’s finisher with a gold-based charity effect, due to bugs with the way the game gives free religious units.
  • Fixed bugs with the AA gun cost and strength.
  • Added some missing promotions to spears, pikes, and vanguards.
  • Fixed a bug with terrain tooltips disappearing when citystates have an active barbarian quest.

Gem v1.6.9, Civup v2.0.39


  • World Wonders which used to give a free religious building now give direct faith bonuses instead.


  • Added an exception to the “build on resources” code for Polders (great improvements and unique improvements can be built on resources).


  • Clarified the tooltip for Aristocracy.
  • Fixed a typo in CiVUP_Events.

Gem v1.6.8 Beta, Civup v2.0.38


  • Longswords upgrade to Musketmen.


  • Renamed the early gunpowder units: Arquebusier → Musketman → Rifleman → Infantry.

Gem v1.6.7

I updated the project with a starting-point compromise of land unit balance between VEM and G&K. Ship balance will come later. The overall changes compared to G&K are listed in the Armies section below. Click for discussion. Have fun! 🙂

This update has many small changes, so it will likely contain bugs. Click to post on the bug tracking forum if anything seems out of place. I included fixes for about half the bugs on the forum in this update, and will continue to the other half tomorrow.


  • 0-20% higher cost & strength of strategic resource units.
  • 0-20% lower cost & strength of non-strategic units.
  • Vanguard unit line provides cheap city garrisons, scouts, medics, and damage absorption on the front lines.
  • Gatling and Machine Guns focus on defense in the late game.
  • Siege units have higher base strength and lower modifiers, resulting in less extreme combat situations.
  • Siege promotions improve both attack and defense vs cities (was only attack).
  • Sea units can traverse ice at slow speed after Astronomy.
  • Recon 2 ship promotion provides better healing (was ice-traversal in VEM).


  • 300 basic city health (was 200).
  • 6 basic city strength (was 8).
  • 0.25 city strength per pop (was 0.4).
  • Increased city defense building health bonuses.
  • Reduced city strength from defense buildings by -2 apiece.


  • Swapped the names of Industrialization and Steam Power (purely visual change).
  • Moved bonuses to improve military techs & reduce economic techs:
    • Alum reveal: Scientific Theory -> Metallurgy.
    • Oil reveal: Scientific Theory -> Chemistry.
    • Oil Wells: Biology -> Dynamite.
    • Forbidden Palace: Banking -> Gunpowder.
    • Angkor Wat: Education -> Chivalry.
    • Carrier: Electronics -> Ballistics.
    • GW Infantry: Replaceable Parts -> Steam Power.
    • Landship: Combustion -> Railroads.
    • AT Gun:  Combined Arms -> Combustion.
    • Stock Exchanges: Electricity -> Electronics.
    • Swapped Destroyer and Battleship.
    • Swapped Infantry and Machine Guns.


  • Updated belief bonuses to match the changes to culture and science.
  • Inspiration no longer incorrectly increases Artist culture.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.
  • Piety opener should give immediate faith as intended.

Civup v36


  • Pressing end turn when workers need orders should now select the worker.
  • The cost to purchase tiles should correctly show up on the city screen when we have insufficient gold to purchase the tile.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the purchase of tiles when the cost of the tile is exactly our stored gold amount.
  • Fixed erroneous number displays on tooltips for gaining/losing religious and maritime citystate allies.


I encountered a problem when adapting the Armies part of the mod to G&K, which will delay the next update until Saturday or Sunday.

The game breaks if it has more than 200 promotions. The base game has 176 promotions, so that limits mods to 23, too few to do anything with. This would only take a brief moment to fix if we had access to the game core, but we don’t, so I’ve spent the past few days going through the tedious process of finding & deleting unused or underused promotions in the game to free up space. This did not impact the mod in vanilla because we had ~40 available slots for promotions. G&K added more promotions and brings us very close to the limit.

If anyone from Firaxis happens to read this, please fix the bug in the unit:IsHasPromotion function. It always returns “true” for any promotion IDs of 200 or greater, a problem with a severe impact on the modding community. This bug has been reported many times over the past few years. Thank you! 🙂