Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Civup v33


  • Natural wonders which give happiness show on the terrain mouseover tooltip.
  • The section of the top bar now shows the word “Turns.”

Mod Tools

  • Added a new function player:HasBelief(beliefType).


  • Improved the Faith tooltips in cities and on the top bar.
  • Artists should correctly give culture now.
  • Beliefs which increase building yields should work now (possibly… hard to test them all).
  • Split the Interface folder:
    • Mods – these are mods by other authors we included in Civup.
    • Overrides – this is mostly interface code written by myself.
  • Split the ModTools folder:
    • Libraries – these are collections of tools.
    • Classes – these are functions added to the basic player, city, plot, etc game classes.
  • Disabled some Civup code, which was redundant now that Firaxis added these things to the base game in G&K:
    • Puppet state yield modifiers.
    • Bug where courthouses gave an invisible +3.
    • (The capital railroad bug still exists, so I left in the fix.)

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