Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Gem v1.052: Opportunities


  • Added religious buildings to the AI purchase system.
  • Reassigned AI religion priorities in leader_flavors to more closely match G&K values.
  • Religious leaders highly prioritize religious buildings if they can found a pantheon or religion.


  • 12  per player (was 15).
  • 1 Shrine (was 2).
  • Moved the Salt food bonus to the Granary (was Market).
  • Moved the Citrus, Truffle, and Banana food bonuses to the Aqueduct (was Market).


  • Religious citystates start with lower in the ancient era, and rise faster through the eras.


  • 20 for first Pantheon (was 10).
  • 300 for first Great Prophet (was 200).


  • Added this section of the Communitas expansion pack from VEM to GEM. Click for details.


  • Piety: +50 faith,  +1 Shrines.
  • Freedom, Power, and Order trees now unlock in the Industrial era (was Renaissance).
  • Renamed the gold tree back to “Commerce.”


  • +1g for Luxury Resources with a Market. I forgot this balanced out -1g on the resources themselves, so removing it unintentionally nerfed luxury terrain yields.

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