Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Gem v1.053


  • Moved the AI capital yield values to the Handicaps table (was hardcoded in lua).
  • Reduced AI capital yield bonuses.
  • Updated all AI policy priorities.


  • 3 per city (was 2).
  • 30% Universities (was 33%).


  • Added new Planned Economy icon art by sukritact.
  • Created new icon art for Collective Rule and Inspiration.
  • Rearranged the policy icon art to accurately represent their effects. (The icons in G&K are left over from their original effects 2 years ago, and policies have completely changed since then.)
  • Renamed the lategame wide empire tree back to Nationalism (was Power).
  • Returned the Freedom finisher to the original great-wall style effect.
  • Monarchy: +5% on science buildings (was +1s on villages).
  • Representation: defense building in all cities (was first 4 cities).
  • Honor finisher: +1 4 for Colosseums and Amphitheaters (was colosseums and monuments).
  • Piety finisher: gives 1 Great Prophet +1 inquisitor  (was 1 missionary + 1 inquisitor).
  • Aesthetics: +25% decay rate for rival citystate influence (was 10%).
  • Moved the +20 with citystates effect from Patronage to Aesthetics.
  • Planned Economy: double construction speed of Production buildings (was 25%).
  • United Front: 3 on espionage buildings (was 2).
  • Knowledge: +20% when happy (was 15%).
  • Sovereignty: +1 Scientist and +15% for Universities (was 1, 0%).


  • Temporarily disabled the National Wonder %-based prerequisite mechanism until I can get the production popup working in cities.
  • Opera Houses and Museums should give the correct culture.
  • Fixed a bug with Boudicca’s Cedric Hall culture and happiness.
  • Great Engineers no longer create Great Works (the Great Artist mission).
  • Bomb shelters are correctly gone now (redundant with Military Bases).
  • Foundries now unlock on the same tech as the Smithies they require, instead of before them.
  • Tradition gives 2 culture per 1 happiness, as indicated in the tooltip.
  • Patronage finisher gives happiness from citystates, as indicated in the tooltip (not Cultural Diplomacy).
  • The AI priority files for cities/techs should load correctly now.

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