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Gem v1.06: Armies


  • Included most basic global changes for this section of the mod from VEM. Click for details.
    (No specific unit balance yet.)


  • 4 per city (was 5).
  • 0.5 per Mints (was 1).
  • Armories no longer provide an Engineer slot.
  • Moved the global unit purchase/build cost modifiers to this section (from Armies), since global modifiers affect economics more than unit balance.


  • The barbarian mercenaries opportunity provides more units with the purchase options, so they are cost-effective.


  • Renamed Populism to Labor Unions.
  • Liberty
    • Added free Great Person.
    • Added +3 for cities with a specialist (was +2 for all cities).
    • Moved 5 here from the Piety tree.
    • Merged defense building policies.
    • The immediate gold effect now depends on era, instead of current gold income.
    • Removed Merchant bonus.
  • Monarchy: Moved the culture building bonus to Ceremonial Rites.
  • Military Tradition: +2 defense unit, and +10% military production.
  • Unity: +5 per turn and +2 per city (was free religious buildings).
  • Nationalism: 1 on Monuments (was 1 per city).
  • Sovereignty: Moved the University bonus to Scientific Revolution.
  • Secularism: +2 science from specialists.
  • Freedom
    • Opener: defense bonus in friendly territory.
    • Finisher: population bonus, and double wonder effect.
    • Free Speech: culture on villages/moai.
    • Democracy: specialist bonus.
    • Universal Suffrage: food on farms.


  • Happiness buildings should give the happiness indicated on the tooltip now.
  • Fixed a bug with Temple resource bonuses.
  • Fixed bugs with the Military Tradition, Democracy, Communism, Commerce Finisher, and Cultural Diplomacy policies.
  • Fixed several “strategy” tooltips in the civilopedia for buildings.
  • The choose tech popup should correctly interact with Gem-specific changes now.
  • Increased spy steal tech rate to match changes to tech costs.
  • Archers obsolete at Mathematics.
  • Scientific Revolution should more reliably give the best science building.
  • The modified Perfect World map script should now place rivers more reliably.
  • Fixed various other small bugs.

3 responses

  1. Sleepyhead

    It amazes me how fast you’ve been getting these stages done. Thanks for all you do to make this game so much more awesome.

    August 20, 2012 at 1:59 pm

  2. Gianni

    Hi I noticed you fixed up the happiness bug, good job, but i think there is stil something bugged with happiness. I got the +2Happiness temple mod religion trait, but still not works after the v3 upgrade (i got followers and temple but no bonus). it also happened me to accept a quest for getting a +1 happiness for a local granary, i payed it up but i didn’t get the bonus.
    By the way awesome works with this mod!

    August 20, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    • Thank you for reporting this; I’ll investigate it as soon as possible.

      August 20, 2012 at 11:38 pm

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