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Gem v1.6.7

I updated the project with a starting-point compromise of land unit balance between VEM and G&K. Ship balance will come later. The overall changes compared to G&K are listed in the Armies section below. Click for discussion. Have fun! 🙂

This update has many small changes, so it will likely contain bugs. Click to post on the bug tracking forum if anything seems out of place. I included fixes for about half the bugs on the forum in this update, and will continue to the other half tomorrow.


  • 0-20% higher cost & strength of strategic resource units.
  • 0-20% lower cost & strength of non-strategic units.
  • Vanguard unit line provides cheap city garrisons, scouts, medics, and damage absorption on the front lines.
  • Gatling and Machine Guns focus on defense in the late game.
  • Siege units have higher base strength and lower modifiers, resulting in less extreme combat situations.
  • Siege promotions improve both attack and defense vs cities (was only attack).
  • Sea units can traverse ice at slow speed after Astronomy.
  • Recon 2 ship promotion provides better healing (was ice-traversal in VEM).


  • 300 basic city health (was 200).
  • 6 basic city strength (was 8).
  • 0.25 city strength per pop (was 0.4).
  • Increased city defense building health bonuses.
  • Reduced city strength from defense buildings by -2 apiece.


  • Swapped the names of Industrialization and Steam Power (purely visual change).
  • Moved bonuses to improve military techs & reduce economic techs:
    • Alum reveal: Scientific Theory -> Metallurgy.
    • Oil reveal: Scientific Theory -> Chemistry.
    • Oil Wells: Biology -> Dynamite.
    • Forbidden Palace: Banking -> Gunpowder.
    • Angkor Wat: Education -> Chivalry.
    • Carrier: Electronics -> Ballistics.
    • GW Infantry: Replaceable Parts -> Steam Power.
    • Landship: Combustion -> Railroads.
    • AT Gun:  Combined Arms -> Combustion.
    • Stock Exchanges: Electricity -> Electronics.
    • Swapped Destroyer and Battleship.
    • Swapped Infantry and Machine Guns.


  • Updated belief bonuses to match the changes to culture and science.
  • Inspiration no longer incorrectly increases Artist culture.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.
  • Piety opener should give immediate faith as intended.

2 responses

  1. Skodkim

    Hi Thal. The download link for GEM 167 links to CivUP36. Will you correct this?

    August 28, 2012 at 2:28 am

  2. crazydingo

    Hello Thal,

    i think something went wrong with the files. When i try downloading the GEM 1.6.7 i always get the Civup v36.

    Made a screen for you:

    best regards


    August 28, 2012 at 6:52 am

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