Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Gem v1.6.11, Civup v2.0.41


  • -5% Skirmishers.
  • +10% Landships.
  • -1 moves WW1-era infantry, vanguards, and landships.
  • -1 moves paratroopers.


  • Renamed Rifling to Smokeless Powder. Combining this with Industrialization unlocks Riflemen (aesthetic change with no effect on gameplay).
    The invention of smokeless powder revolutionized military weapons and tactics. Older forms of gunpowder (called black powder) produced large quantities of solid soot. This smoke fouled barrels, prevented accurate shooting, and made it difficult for commanders to give orders through the battlefield haze. Smokeless powder literally cleared the way for tactics focused on accuracy, breech loading firearms, and autoloading firearms with many moving parts.


  • Fixed a bug with early building costs.
  • Fixed a bug with vanguard unit attributes.
  • Fixed a bug with Hagia Sophia faith bonus.
  • Fixed bugs with mobile sams, marines, helicopters, and mechanized infantry.
  • Swapped the icon art for Conscripts and Infantry.

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