Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Gem v1.6.12


  • +50% ranged defense for Gatling and Machine Guns.
  • Ironclads require 3 iron (was 2).


  • 1 maintenance Mentors’ Hall (was 2).
  • 2 maintenance Workers (was 3).
  • The basic per-player gold income is now intrinsic to the empire, instead of appearing on the Palace.
  • Moved 1 from the Palace to the city tile.
  • Redesigned sea buildings:
    • Harbor
      1 on water tiles.
      1 on fish.
    • Lighthouse
      Creates a safe connection between land and sea trade routes.
    • Warehouse (New!)
      1 production.
      1 on sea resources.
      +50% for building ships.
    • Seaport
      2 production.
      1 on water tiles.


  • Updated the Trade, Factory, Levy, and Collective Rule icons with help from sukritact.
  • Helicopters now have their intended 60 strength.
  • Lancers have their intended -25% defense penalty, and only get a combat bonus against Cavalry (not Cavalry and Knights).
  • Moved pikes to their intended location on Metal Casting.
  • The Seaport now gives production on the crab resource as intended.

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