Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Gem v1.10.1


  • AIs purchase things in larger batches, waiting more turns to make bigger buys.
  • AIs stop purchases if they estimate their gold-per-turn rate will send them bankrupt within 20 turns.
  • Slightly reduced AI priority to build Skirmishers.


  • +5% Arquebusiers.
  • Longswords upgrade to Musketmen (was Arquebusier).
  • Small unit cost tweaks to match recent changes to strength.
    • Reduced build costs of ranged, vanguard, and air units.
    • Increased maintenance cost of vanguard units.
    • Increased build and maintenance cost of horsemen and hunter ships.


  • 20% production bonus for mounted units with a Stable (was 10%).


  • Captured cities should resist for the correct length of time.
  • The Commerce and Sovereignty policies now explicitly state they increase gross national income.
  • The notification for killing barbarians for citystates now matches the actual influence reward (15, not 12).
  • Citystates should no longer ask players to build disabled wonders.

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