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Polls and Discussions

Click to vote for the least useful early units.

Click to vote whether you build more horses or swords.

Click to vote if knights should be slow & strong, or light & fast.

Click to join the discussion about how to improve leaders.

Civup v2.1.1 should fix the bug in v2.1 where units could not move into cities. I was able to move and garrison without problems in a quick test. However, for now this version is only available from the website link at right. I will release it to the Steam Workshop later once we have confirmation about the fix. Click to post if the bug is fixed or still exists.


2 responses

  1. SadPanda

    I am very sad. This mid makes my Research Info Page broken. It’s all glitch and empty.

    December 10, 2012 at 9:04 pm

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