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Gem v1.11: Technologies

This version updates the technology tree. I also created an AI to help humans figure out the power of each tech. Click for details.

I believe GEM has almost reached the polished state of VEM. I expect the next version of GEM to be the first “public” release, bringing it out of its beta testing phase.


  • Coalition-building AI leaders (ally CS + attack civ) now focus on constructing a tall empire (was wide).


  • Ship strengths no longer round to the nearest multiple of 5.
  • Hunter ship attacks consume all move points (was 1).
  • Hunter ships get vs-city promotions with 15/15/15% strength (was 1 promotion with 30%).
  • Everything has Sonar (subs are no longer invisible).
  • 150% maintenance Hunter ships (now equal to common ships).
  • 85% 115% Warriors.
  • 115% Archers.
  • 90% melee strength for ranged units.
  • +2 Chariots.
  • +1 Knights.


  • +25% ship production with a Warehouse (was 50%).


  • Updated the technology tree. Click for details.


  • Changed the way horses and iron are placed. Click for details.
  • -25% quantity of strategic resources per player territory.
  • 50 from chopping down a forest (was 30).
  • 1 Jungles (was 2).
  • Can build small farms in jungle (swidden).
  • Changed plot fertility:
    • More bonus resources near jungle, desert, tundra, and coastal land.
    • Fewer bonuses near floodplains and coastal water.
    • Hills get equal bonuses as grassland and plains, instead of looking at underlying terrain, since hills cannot be removed.


  • Updated the Chariot Archer tooltip to show its attacks take only 1 move, and it is not vulnerable to spearmen (unlike Horsemen).
  • England’s Steam Mill now correctly improves G&K-specific luxuries.
  • Clarified the Petra tooltip to simply say “does not improve floodplains,” instead of explicitly stating each yield it does not affect on floodplains.
  • Missile Cruisers now have Indirect Fire, as intended.
  • Seaports no longer provide a production bonus, which was not intended.

2 responses

  1. I think you should tweak the amount of science you gain from CS-allies (Unlocked with a social policy in the Patronage-tree)

    I’m pretty late in the game and produce maybe 6-700 science, but I only gain about 30 science from my 8 allies, or something like that…

    December 16, 2012 at 4:02 am

    • This is difficult to adjust because it’s hardcoded in the game core, instead of a database value we can edit. It’s on my long-term todo list.

      December 16, 2012 at 4:04 am

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