Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod

Gem v1.11.1 and Civup v2.2.2 (<= fascinating!)

Civup Interface

  • Building tooltips now show color-coded icons for specialist slots.


  • 1 deserts with Petra (was also 1 production).


  • Moved Petra to Construction ← (from Masonry).
  • Terracotta Army to Calendar ← (Pottery).
  • Marsh clearing to Mining ← (Bronze Working).
  • Villages to Trade ← (Animal Husbandry).
  • Foundry to Steel ← (Metal Casting).
  • Alhambra to Physics ← (Gunpowder).
  • Split the Gunpowder mine bonus between Iron Working (freshwater) and Gunpowder (dry).
  • Split the Machinery lumbermill bonus between Metal Casting (freshwater) and Printing Press (dry).


  • Liberty Finisher: +3 for cities with a specialist (was 2 per specialist).


  • Oil is more likely to appear on land.


  • Beliefs which improve buildings should work correctly now.
  • Fixed the outdated links in the mod folder.
  • Newly added wonders should be affected by policies now.
  • Opportunities should appear again.
  • Removed the mod-added Terrace Farm bonuses at Civil Service and Fertilizer (included in core game in G&K).

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