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Archive for January, 2013

Gem 1.13.4 (Civup 2.5.2)

I released this version ahead of schedule to hotfix a bug involving Wat Phra Kaew and the city production queue.


  • 3 4 city tiles (was 2 4).
  • Removed the Great Hall (too many choices can be overwhelming).
  • Moved Iron to Mining (people felt mining needed a buff).
  • Moved the Smithy to Bronze Working (early production was too low).


  • Fixed a bug causing Wat Phra Kaew to halt interface processing.
  • Added many new historical civilopedia entries for policies (thank you ExpiredReign!).
  • Fixed bugs possibly preventing translations from working.
  • Fixed a bug causing AIs to have no priority to get religion or spaceships.
  • Selecting technologies on the tech tree should lag less now.
  • Barbarian chariots can now be upgraded.
  • Fixed a bug in the civilopedia involving techs which increase yield of improvements.
  • Fixed a few bugs where culture did not match tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug with “+yield for improvement” descriptions on tech entries in the Civilopedia.

Pending update for Feb 1st

I plan for a relatively small update this Friday focused on stability and bugfixes.

This update will also include further small economic tweaks to reduce the overflow of early-game building choices, lessen the dependence on gold as a construction source, and give more positive rewards for peaceful players to invest in techs on the lower half of the tree.

I expect to complete the overhaul of Leader themes and bonuses by the end of February.
Click to join the Leaders discussion.

In recent days, a combination of family and work considerations reduced my free time to work on the Communitas project. I expect to have about 10 hours per week to work on this now, down from 30. I still plan to continue development on Communitas for months or years ahead, but progress will go more slowly. 😉

Gem 1.13.3. (Civup 2.5.1)


  • Barbarian chariot attacks use all moves (was 1 move).
  • Delayed the turn barbarians can enter civilized territory on medium difficulty levels.
    (People were getting frustrated by barbarians.)


  • +1 Oil, Aluminum, and Uranium with a Factory.
  • The 1 on Villages now requires Writing.


  • Scholasticism: 2 per citystate friend, and 3 per ally (changed to new system because vanilla version is not modifiable).


  • Horseback Riding now links to Civil Service (was Currency).


  • Fixed a compatibility problem for building tooltips between Civup and some other mods like IGE.
  • Fixed bugs with building tooltips “experience for domain” and “yield for building” (Great Lighthouse, Neuschwanstein).
  • The “invest in me” citystate quest no longer appears with USING_CSD set to 1 in the Civup options file.
  • Jade Hall should now provide its intended bonuses (was incorrectly doubling some bonuses).
  • Fixed a bug causing AIs to think they were always at war, and build too many units (because everyone’s at war with the Barbarian player).
  • Swords to Plowshares belief should correctly detect wartime status now.

New upload

If you downloaded Civup v2.5 earlier today, re-download Civup. The new version of the Civup file should work. Sorry for the delay – I went out to eat with family just after releasing the update. 🙂

Gem 1.13.2 (Civup 2.5)

This version updates the system which creates tooltips for buildings. This will dramatically help the project in the long run, but might contain a few oversights here and there. Click if you notice any information apparently missing from a tooltip.


  • Reduced “Good for” ratings of the City Hall.


  • +33% vs ship promotion is now available to Fighters and Bombers at level 2.
  • Added the Amphibious promotion to soldier and gun units (situationally useful).
  • Removed the Ambush promotion from soldier and gun units (spears and anti-tank can still get ambush, raising importance of these counter units).


  • Reduced the respawn rate for barbarian camps.


  • 4 basic yield per city (was 2) (early construction was too slow).
  • 15 national income (was 12).
  • Harbors no longer increase fish yields (warehouse already does this).
  • +10% on Shrines and Temples with Wat Phra Kaew (was +5 gold/culture) (now the originally intended bonus).
  • 1 policy from Hermitage (was 4 culture +25% culture).
  • +1   -2 Stoneworks.
  • 300% Settler purchase modifier (was 400%).
  • +2 engineer points from Itaipu Dam.


  • Longbows no longer have -1 sight penalty or indirect fire.

Civup: Interface

  • The Civilopedia should now display building information in a more organized way.


  • Using CSD with Civup hides individual gold gift buttons, instead of the entire gift menu.
  • The Sanitation System now correctly shows its name, instead of the Indian unique version.
  • Hunter ships should be able to correctly get the Merchant Raider promotions.
  • Religious Idols should give the correct yields now.
  • Spoils of War should work against citystates now.
  • World Church belief should now correctly increase culture.
  • Aircraft should be able to get the March promotion now.
  • Citystates should no longer build the new wonders.
  • The “free building” line on building tooltips should now display renamed or unique buildings.
  • Cultural Diplomacy policy effect should now match the tooltip.
  • Barbarian ships should now be upgradeable.
  • Lighthouse and Harbor have their correct costs now (multipliers were switched).

Pending update

I’m working on a major overhaul to the system which shows informational tooltips for buildings. This will save hundreds of hours of work in the future, support more accurate information in Civilopedia entries, and reduce translation time necessary for this core part of the project by about half.

The next update will include another round of bugfixes. Later next week, I also intend to start a new discussion about the upcoming leader overhaul, and will include a few of the simpler changes in this week’s release.

I plan to adjust balance in this update between construction (building stuff) and research (getting new stuff to build).  Click to vote for which direction you feel things should go in, or if you feel things are balanced.

Gem 1.13.1 (Civup 2.4.1)


  • AIs should make purchase decisions somewhat more intelligently.


  • Scaled culture and faith income & costs so 1 point of culture or faith has approximately the same value as 1 point of other yields.
  • Building maintenance equals 33% of typical income (was 25%).
  • 33% * income Lighthouse maintenance (was 0%).
  • 16% * income power plant maintenance (was 0%).
  • +1 Libraries.
  • Trade route income is now 3 + 25% population (was 4 + 25% pop).
  • Early national happiness is now 8 free + 6 palaces + 4 piety (was 12 free + 4 meritocracy).
  • Demolished buildings no longer return gold (caused balance problems).
  • Renamed for realism:
    Old New
    Amphitheater Theatre
    Colosseum Arena
    Theatre Publishing House
    Stadium Cinema
    Aqueduct Sanitation System
    Medical Lab Vaccinations
    Broadcast Tower Radio Station
    Police Station Supermax Prison
    Palace Capital
    Forge Blast Furnace
    Workshop Smithy
    Ironworks Foundry


  • 2 on fishing boats with God of the Sea (was 3).
  • 2 on fishing boats with God of Tranquility (new).
  • 1 on open tundra with Dance of Aurora (tundra becomes plains) (was faith).
  • 1 on jungle with Sacred Path (jungle becomes grassland) (was culture).
  • +25% for ancient/classical wonders with Monument to the Gods (was 15%).
  • +25% surplus food from Fertility Rites (was 10%).


  • Chinese paper makers give an immediate +200 when constructed.
  • Huns get 100 from defeated barbarian camps (was 200).
  • +13% Samurai.
  • +15% Chu-Ko-Nu.


  • Updated to match new estimates for the value of each yield. Click for details.


  • Rearranged the Honor tree.


  • Renamed Mass production to Mass Media.
  • Swapped Submarines (now radio) and Hollywood (now mass media).


  • 40 from clearing forest, and 20 from jungle (was 50 and 25).

Civup: Interface

  • The “choose tech” notification should always appear at the start of the game now.


  • Fixed many typos. Thanks ExpiredReign!
  • Captured cities now default to puppet status if we choose no options.
  • Updated policy tree descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug with the Stoneworks’ “Good for” tips.
  • Added some code to make the game fail more gracefully when things go wrong.
  • The all-cities yield modifier from the Churches of Lalibela should work now.
  • Fixed a problem caused by editing the Civup options file in regular Windows Notepad.