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Gem 1.14 (Civup 2.6) Beta

This open beta is a TEST work in progress for advanced users to play around with. Stability and balance of beta versions cannot be assured. In my free time away from job & family, I’m currently working on implementing the simpler parts of the Leaders plan in this beta test.

Click to download the beta.

Click to discuss new leader strategies and interesting experiences.


  • Reduced the quantity of vanguard units AIs aim for in wartime.
  • Minimum AI army composition changes to a new set of units after gunpowder units appear.


  • -10% combat penalty when resources get pillaged (was 20%) (penalty mostly hurt AIs).
  • +100% experience and -10% strength with Blitz (was 100, -25).
  • +25% defense with Trenches and Guerrilla ranks 1, 2, 3 (was 15, 15, 20).
  • Recon 2 allows use of enemy roads.
  • Moved faster pillaging from Survivalist to Recon 2.
  • Removed Survivalist.


  • _


  • Camps are defended by Chariot units less often.


  • Merged the Missionary and Great Prophet (mostly redundant).
  • Merged the offense and defense enhanced beliefs (too specialized individually).


  • Half maintenance for unique warriors (Aztec and Polynesian).
  • Carthage starts with a Trireme.
  • Carthaginian civilians can embark from the start of the game.
  • Carthaginian Cothons (harbor) give 1 Tyrian Purple luxury resource (Phoenicians were earliest traders of this luxury).
  • Byzantine Basilica (temple) gives instant faith and unlocks early.
  • Ethiopia gets faster rate from each Alliance, and higher vs civs with more cities (peaceful tall).
  • Ethiopian Stele (monument) gives from population (peaceful tall).
  • German Panzers (tank) are stronger.
  • Korean Hwach’a (trebuchet) are 10% weaker outside friendly territory (isolationist).
  • Ottoman Janissaries (musketman) heal every turn, and gain a bonus near friendly military units (quickly replaced losses).
  • Songhai ranged units move faster, and vanguard units see farther (mobility).
  • Swedish Allotment gives +1 from Farms (military history).
  • Swedish Folkskola (public school) gets extra and appears earlier (one of the earliest public systems).
  • Swedish Carolean (musketman) heals after destroying enemies (known for their charges).


  • Spoils of War: Killing units salvages gold, and +25% rewards from capturing Citystates.


  • Increased late tech costs 10%.
  • Theology no longer requires Currency.
  • Trade no longer requires Pottery.
  • Moved Villages back to Trade (original location).
  • Moved the freshwater village bonus to Optics (was Sailing).
  • Shrines, Wealth, and Research have no tech prerequisite (early game options were restrictive).

Civup: Interface

  • The game now autosaves every 15 minutes. You can control this in the Interface tab of Game Options (ctrl+o).
  • City and national happiness now show on city view screens (by NoSkill and whoward69).
  • The top bar now shows faith “stored/needed”, instead of “stored (turns remaining)”.
  • The “declare war” button for citystates now indicates capturing a CS gives a reward equal to 40 turns of alliance.
  • Added new versions of the Detect icon (eye).
  • The Civup_Options file now contains options to disable speech for specific parts of the game:
    • Starting a game (default off).
    • Getting a wonder (default on).
    • Getting a tech (default on).

Civup: Mod Tools

  • Added a “Pillage” flavor for units.


  • City-health defense buildings should now correctly increase max city health in loaded games.
  • Lines on building tooltips which change mid-game should show correctly now.
  • Disabling gold gifts in the Civup_Options file is now independent of the “using CSD” option.
  • Oral Tradition and Monument to the Gods pantheon effects should now match the tooltips.
  • Buildings which increase river yields should show their ability correctly now (hydro plant, indus sanitation).
  • The faith cost to purchase units with the Holy Warrior belief now reliably depends on unit production costs.
  • Fixed bugs causing AIs to have more happiness than intended, and less of other yields than intended.
  • Liturgical Drama should now correctly list the Theater as its connected building (not Amphitheater).
  • Made changes to improve compatibility between this project and Gedemon’s Earth maps.
  • Humans and AIs now use different technology_flavor tables, allowing more fine-tune control of AI tech choices.
  • Corrected costs for Theatre, Smithy, and Workshop.
  • Removed Air Repair (redundant with March).
  • Fixed “good for” mistakes with Stone Works, Merchant Navy, Seaport, national wonders, and policies.
  • Sistine Chapel should now work correctly.
  • Mongol Khans can now start golden ages, like normal great generals.
  • Buildings which give a city instant food/prod/culture/population should now work correctly.
  • v.2 Smithy now has cost appropriate for its tech level.

7 responses

  1. YAY! YnAEMP compatibility, thanks!!!

    February 23, 2013 at 10:47 pm

  2. Hawawaa

    That list is sick! Keep up the great work! Now go away time for me to play… Got a world to conquer. >:D

    February 23, 2013 at 10:52 pm

  3. Erik

    Hmm, all of the sudden my happiness jumped to 268 million and my next social selection was 300,000 turns away.

    I was at war with England at the time (I’m playing the Japanese).

    February 23, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    • I’m aware of some weird issues with yields. I’ve been trying to track it down for the past week (hence the delay in this beta release).

      February 24, 2013 at 10:17 am

  4. Tomice

    Great changes! I think there was nothing I couldn’t agree on and quite a few good things I didn’t expect. Well done!

    @Eric: did you update during an ongoing game?

    February 24, 2013 at 2:32 am

    • Erik

      No, new game. I cleared the cache and mod data too.

      February 24, 2013 at 2:40 am

      • Erik

        Went back through my auto saves and the bug happened after researching Drama and Poetry.

        I had finished the Flavian Amp. a turn before but I don’t know if that contributed to the bug or not.

        February 24, 2013 at 4:35 am

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