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CEP Basic (v3.0.3 Beta)

This is the first version of the Communitas Expansion Pack for BWN. This early version focuses on basic gameplay features which have a minimal chance of compatibility issues. This version can probably be adapted to vanilla or G&K with a few hours’ work, though I’m focused on BWN for now.

I recommend playing on the Communitas map script included in the download. It will appear on your map list after activating the mod.

Click for details.

Click to download.


2 responses

  1. roymend

    Unfortunately I will be away from home for the next month. I hope that when I come back there will be an updated, better version. Anyway, even this version sounds great, especially the extra policy tree (as of right now I don’t see any reason to get exploration, unless playing on archipelgo).

    Some Ideas for the future: More wonders that generate tourism (or even make it that most wonders generate tourism). Culture victory used to rely on heavy wonder-spamming, while now you desperately need the great work wonders (+Eiffel Tower), and only them. With BNW, Culture victory is more or less like this: SOMEONE ELSE BUILT THE GREAT LIBRARY??!??!!!??!??!! RESTART GAME!!!!!!! SOMEONE ELSE BUILT THE PARTHENON??!??!!!??!??!! RESTART GAME!!!!!!! SOMEONE ELSE BUILT EIFFEL TOWER??!??!!!??!??!! RESTART GAME!!!!!!! And so on with all the great work wonders… I think culture victory should rely heavily on wonders, but on ALL wonders, not just some super important wonders.
    Diplo victory also needs serious balancing. G&K solution (You can’t vote for yourself) was great, because it made the diplo victory rely on diplo and not on gold. I don’t know why firaxis made this terrible mistake and made the dipo vic an economic vic again, but the G&K solution will work here too, with one simple change: you can’t vote for yourself with your base delegates. Bonus delegates ( i.e. from city states, from globalization tech, from wonders, from world religion & world ideology, etc.) CAN be used to vote for yourself. I’m pretty sure this solution will work.
    One last major problem is the lack of early gold (which also leads to not enough agressiveness fron the AI). I still haven’t thought of a way to fix that, I’ll reply here when I will.

    Of course there are other problems, however not THAT major (for example, World congress projects are too powerful and the international space station comes too late in the game, not enough culture because culture buildings now require great works, Shoshone are over-overpowered, and SO MUCH more…)

    I don’t trust firaxis in fixing those problems. Fortunately we have kind modders like you…
    Thank you for all the hard work you invest in the community (and I’m sure you heard this sentence a billion times). For me, Civ without Communitas is not Civ.

    July 12, 2013 at 1:09 pm

    • roymend

      OK, found 1 possible solution to problem #1: Change trading posts (villages) to unlock in the ancient era (I think pottery or The Wheel) instead of at Guilds. That’s just a temporary solution, as it will make early economy depend on village-spamming (like Civ IV), which is not good at all.

      July 13, 2013 at 2:33 pm

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