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Cep Map v1.0.1

Something went wrong with the previous map upload, so I uploaded it again. 🙂

I also included the new map options I added today. This includes several climate options in addition to the standard Continents/Terra choice (which I enhanced, see details link below). Both these options should be balanced.

When you feel like doing something different, changing the global climate can create wildly different worlds than normal. Increasing temperature & rainfall while lowering age & sea level creates a world much like the dinosaurs lived in. Choosing hot & arid produces a world of open grass, plains, and desert, fantastic for horses. Needless to say, these climate options dramatically alter gameplay balance, so I only plan to balance for normal climate options.

Download ~ Details


One response

  1. kalashnikirby

    Ok, I don’t want to make any pressure – but couldn’t you please make the Communitas Mod with G&K extension work again? I’d say that a majority still does not own brave new world

    July 30, 2013 at 2:49 am

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