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Release schedule

I pushed the release schedule back one week to consider which wonders to link to which policies (discuss), and give the team more time to finish updating policies.


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  1. Skodkim

    Just saw that the release of 3.9 has been oushed back one week to consider the linking of Wonders to policies.

    I really have a problems understanding the reasoning behind this.

    First of all IMHO it would be a [I]lot[/I] easier to diuscuss the wonder-oilicy links if we had had a chance to play with the policies before making the decisions.

    Second the policy-Wonder links are far from the only aspects of policies, which should be the focus of this release.

    And finally, as you can tell from the policy thread on Civ Fanatics, people are already (as seen before) arguing in different directions.

    (Also posted on Civ Fanatics)


    November 28, 2013 at 1:19 am

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