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This update fixes several bugs. The Ottoman trait should work now.

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New polls!

Click below to vote in the polls. The results will directly influence the course of the project!

– How Many Caravans?

РMost influential resource bonuses?

– Favorite Original Leaders

– Favorite Extra Leaders

– 5 best and 5 worst policies

Communitas v3.12 – Promotion Icons

This update reactivates the promotion icon feature from Civup, and fixes several bugs.

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Communitas v3.11.1

This fixes a syntax error causing the ‘No production’ bug.


v3.11.1 Steam Release

I released the project to the Steam Workshop. You can now subscribe to it on steam to get the “Update” button on the Mods menu ingame, without needing to manually download and install files anymore.

I will continue releasing the project here for those who prefer the old method of installation, or who need access to older versions.


Communitas v3.11 – Stories

This update reactivates the Stories from GEM. Each story presents a moral choice between compassion, ruthlessness, or detachment as we decide how to lead our empire through turning points in history. This is a small step towards adding narrative to the Civilization series.

Visit the issue tracker if you discover a bug, or drop by the discussion forum to talk about the update. We made several improvements in this update based on community feedback.


Communitas v3.10.2 – Fixes

This update fixes several bugs.