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Beyond Earth – Strategic Units & Improvements

I realized in Beyond Earth strategic units are more powerful than normal units (vs Civ 5), and no longer spammable. In Civ 5 we could get 1 huge deposit of horses and we’re set for the game. In Beyond Earth a deposit of 8 resources can only buy you one late-game affinity unit. This makes strategic units a rare, elite core of your army – supported by a larger number of weaker spammable units.

This was a design goal of the Civ 5 Communitas mod. I’m happy to see it as a core feature now! They made strategic units cost more resources (up to 6), while I spawned fewer resources instead. Either way, you can build fewer of them, but they’re incredibly powerful.


With the wide variety of improvements added in Beyond Earth, I realized we can use them to plug gaps in our empire.

In my current game, I have ridiculous amounts of gold, and I’m running out of things to build in cities. It suddenly struck me – I can build Academies to balance the scales! They will turn my excess gold into science, researching faster, unlocking new things to build in cities. Academies are like a building that costs 2 gold and gives 3 science. Now imagine you can build lots of this on your tiles! Improvements that cost maintenance sound weird at first, until you think of them as spammable buildings.


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