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Beyond Earth – Harmony

My first three games started next to lots of xenomass, so I’ve given quite a lot of thought to the harmony path.

I realized harmony is subtly different from the preservation-focused philosophy of the Gaians in Alpha Centauri. The affinities are more like….

  • Purity – Turn our new world into Earth.
  • Harmony – Adapt to the new world.
  • Supremacy – Ignore the biological worlds to become cybernetic.

Harmony uses resources native to our new planet. Consider the Alien Domestication tech. The essence of this is similar to what happened on earth. We turned hostile wolves into dogs, aurochs into cows, and so on. The pre-transformation species have very little presence on Earth (or none with Aurochs). We adapted the native wildlife to suit our purposes. It makes sense we’d do the same on a new world, as human nature doesn’t change much over time.

Harmony does something similar. We might fight the wild animals because they’re a threat for us, but also domesticate them into creatures useful for our purposes. It’s more complex than a philosophy of pure preservation. I like the depth of this story.


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  1. Culture and climate changes are the work of the collective body of adults in school.

    February 13, 2016 at 2:16 pm

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