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Beyond Earth Mods

I recommend trying the Colorful Tech Web mod. It helps identify things on the tech tree at a quick glance, much more easily than the subtle variation of icon borders between different types of items.

I recommend avoiding the temptation to install an “unlimited experience” mod. It sounds cool, but when 200xp units fight enemies with only 1 promotion, it makes the game super easy, which I find boring. I like a challenge. The experience cap keeps things on a more even playing field.

There’s also a “Beyond Balance” mod that looks promising. The goal is to make the game more fun and balanced like we did with Civ V: Communitas, while staying close to the core vanilla game. It’s a community-driven mod with a strong focus on responding to feedback, so if you don’t like a change, talk about it.


3 responses

  1. Tomice

    What do you think about the trade route changes in beyond Balance? I like most of the things they changed, but the TR nerf seems very exagerated.

    They reduced the potential number of TR’s from 3 to 1 per city AND reduced internal TR yield by half. That’s just one sixth of the former potential!!!

    I agree TR’s are too strong. They are so important that you ALWAYS have to focus on them first and foremost, eliminating choice. But nerfing them by 83% seems excessive.

    I doubt the designers are so incompetent that the current state of TR’s is a simple mistake or oversight. I rather think that they invented this feature for BNW, saw the potential, and wanted to expand it.

    All the current TR nerfs focus on making this game more like Civ5, which seems like a huge mistake. It’s obviously intended that TR’s should play a larger role in BE.

    IMHO, trade route changes should not nerf to near-irrelevance, but focus on the things that are wrong with them now:
    – Huge yield for little investment
    – Unlock full potential with only two buildings, regardless of city size or any other factor
    – Rely heaviliy on the right quest decisions (US fence, autoplant)
    – Can be made near-invulnerable with minimal investment
    – favor wide gameplay/ICS
    – require a lot of micro without meaningful choices
    – hard-to-understand/unrealistic/unexplained yield formula

    I would change the following:
    – Remove extra route from autoplants (to reduce overall number and management effort)
    – Only one TR per depot initially, but more TR’s unlock as population rises (to help tall players)
    – US fence quest doesn’t make TR’s immune, only reduces chance for alien attack (TR require protection again)
    – Better UI for TR renewal (sorting functions, better highlighting of last route)
    – simplified, reliable yield calculation
    – Only slight reduction of internal yields to make both versions competitive (choices!)

    I didn’t read through all the explanations in the Beyond Balance thread yet, but I’ll post something similar there later today..
    Just thought I’ll get an expert opinion before 😉

    November 1, 2014 at 7:56 am

    • I agree with your points. I think many modders are jumping to make BE more like Civ 5… but I trust the developers to be more cautious in making changes.

      November 26, 2014 at 5:44 am

  2. Frost

    Will there be a communitas mod coming for beyond earth in the future?

    November 27, 2014 at 12:03 pm

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