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Starships and Raising Hell

I had the opportunity to watch Sid’s Starships demo at PAX South last weekend, which was fun!

It’s tempting to compare the game to XCOM’s turn-based tactical movement, but Starships looks different enough to be a unique new game, particularly the story and galactic strategic view. I love how it continues Beyond Earth’s storyline, something I really enjoyed once I delved into the Civilopedia backstory for BE units, buildings, and techs. Starships reminds me more of a turn-based Sword of the Stars, another cool game I enjoyed. I have a Starships poster on my wall now, and I’m looking forward to it!

I was at the convention with an indie game team I founded with some new friends last year. We had a table at the Texas Indie Showcase booth featuring our first game, Raising Hell! As an exhibitor, you gotta be enthusiastic and outgoing for hours with thousands of strangers, which was both exciting and exhausting!

In the game, Hell’s freezing over and a devil named Damian has to escape. Various angels and demonic creatures try to stop you. It’s a challenging touchscreen platformer where you rapidly teleport to move. We progressed from creation to release of the game in just half a year, which is very quick, for those of you who know how indie development normally goes.

I’m currently the lead designer/producer. I set out to make a more difficult and mature experience than most touchscreen games, with a fun, collaborative team culture at our office.

The free demo’s available on all app stores for phones and tablets – just search for “Raising Hell”, and tell your friends to spread the word!


We’re currently investigating a few Unity and memory-loading issues on Android phones running v4.4 KitKat, so try out the free Lite version to see if your phone can play the game. We’re hoping to have those issues solved this weekend.


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