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Copasetic UI Tweaks

Copasetic UI Tweaks
by Cope
Fixes various bugs and missing information with the user interface, primarily city banners.


Authors: copasetic
Stability: Beta
Teaser: Improves and adds several features to the UI.
This mod adds several features to the UI and improves a few others. See the link below for a complete list of changes, or to make suggestions! Some changes so far include:

  • City banner displays culture meter and turns until pop falls if city is starving
  • Moving the mouse over a city with the SHIFT key pressed shows plot yields and worked tiles in both World and Strategic views
  • Diplomacy window shows the protectors of each city state
  • Easier selecting between stacked units
  • Holding CONTROL will cause plot tooltips to appear immediately
  • And at least two other things!



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