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  1. Overview
  2. Unit Types (Land)
  3. Unit Types (Sea)
  4. Unit Training and Maintenance
  5. Resources
  6. Combat Bonuses
  7. City Siege
  8. Raze/Puppet/Annex
  9. Miscellaneous

This page last updated: v157.2, May 24, 2012 by Seek.
Please see main page for more recent changes.

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  • Doubled all health, damage, and healing. This should allow more fine-tune control of damage. Details. 3 hp/turn healing in unowned territory (was 2).
  • Conquest Victory requires owning all capitals and 30% of the world’s land (was 0%). Details
  • -25% combat penalty when using more strategic resources than available (was -50). (This is mainly to help the AI when we pillage all their resources.)
  • Embarked units all now have a 15 defense rating (similar to vanilla Songhai’s units).
  • Unit supply cap changed to: 10 + numCities + population/8 (was 10 + 2*numCities).
  • Similar to Civ 4, choosing promotions restores 20% health. Details
  • Removed the 100% instant heal.
  • The “no promotion saving” advanced setup option defaults to disabled.
  • When a city is captured the probability of a building surviving is:
    • 0%: courthouse, defense buildings, factory, power plants (all unchanged).
    • 50%: library (was 0), gold buildings (were 0), happiness buildings (were 100).
    • 100%: all other buildings.

Unit Balance – Land

  • Vanguard Class
    1. Scout
    2. Levy (Medieval)
    3. Skirmisher (Renaissance)
    4. Light Infantry (Industrial)
    5. Airborne (Modern – Replaces Paratrooper)

    Vanguard Units have 25% lower strength, cost, and maintenance than elite melee counterparts. For example, 36 Infantry and 27 Light Infantry. When a Vanguard unit unlocks between two units of the elite line (Levies are halfway between Swords and Longswords), I take the midway point of the two. Vanguards are stronger when next to an friendly military unit, and start with a defense bonus. Click here for details.

  • Warriors
    Obsolete at Iron Working.
  • Chariot archer class
    Can move after attacking, like all other mounted units.
  • Polearms
    Spearmen, Immortals, Pikemen, and Landsknecht have a bonus on defense, and a lower bonus against mounted units.
  • Siege
    Weaker against land units.
  • Swordsmen and Horsemen
    Higher base strength. Swords and horses have equal strength. +10% vs Cities for Swordsmen and Longswordsmen.
  • Archers and Mounted Archers
    Have -50% attack strength against Ships.
  • Crossbows
    -1 non-unique Crossbows.
  • Lancers
    Lower cost and defense penalty, with a bonus on the attack.
  • Anti-Air and Anti-Tank Guns
    Lower cost and increased defense.
  • Cannon
    Lower damage.
  • Bombers and Stealth Bombers
    Lower damage.
  • Nuclear Weapons
    Cannot be purchased.

Unit Balance – Ships

  • Ships
    Naval vessels take less damage from other ships, and have a strength only slightly less than their land siege counterparts.
    Pre-Industrial ships have a range of one. Barbarian ships start with the Range promotion.
  • Ship of the Line
    A Renaissance battleship that requires Iron and is available for all leaders. (England has the Steam Mill instead.)
  • Caravel
    Reduced the sight range bonus.
  • Frigate
    Increased sight range, lower cost and damage.
  • Ironclad
    Stronger, faster, uses Iron, and may move into Ocean tiles.
  • Destroyer
    Lower sight range and movement speed.
  • Battleship
    Higher defense and movement speed.
  • Submarines and Nuclear Subs
    Combat bonus vs Capital Ships, and can acquire the Survivalism promotions (improved defense and healing).
  • Carrier
    Higher defense.
  • Caravel
    Reduced the sight range bonus.
  • Tech Changes
    • Mathematics (the tech for Catapults) now requires Bronze Working (the iron reveal), so Catapults are still available at about the same time.
    • Chivalry no longer requires Currency, and now leads directly to a Renaissance era tech, making it the easiest for an era jump.
    • Metal Casting now requires knowledge of Construction, making Steel (and thus Longswords) a little more challenging to beeline to.
    • Military Science and Fertilizer swapped places.
    • Infantry now requires both Rifling and Replaceable Parts.
    • Organized tech tree so links don’t overlap.

Unit Training and Maintenance

  • Unit Attributes
    Unit attributes which are not a Unique Unit special ability now apply only to the unit they appear on.
    For example, Artillery upgraded to Rocket Artillery won’t require set-up to fire. This is an innate attribute of the weapons they use (towed artillery pieces) that does not carry over when upgraded to a self-propelled chassis. What does carry over is training (player-chosen promotions like accuracy, logistics, etc) or Unique Unit special abilities.
    UU bonuses are untouched because civilization balance is partially designed around those bonuses persisting when upgraded.
  • Purchasing
    The purchase cost efficiency of units is now slightly higher than most tier 1 buildings (like Barracks).
  • Maintenance
    Unit maintenance is now specific to each unit type, and depends on both the cost and strength of the unit (or ranged strength, whichever is higher). Air, naval, vanguard, and worker units have discounts on maintenance. Settlers and great people cost no maintenance.
  • Upgrades
    Higher upgrade costs. In vanilla it’s rather easy to buy an army and keep it around the whole game, without much reason to actually build units (much less structures like the Forge and Arsenal). The goal is to shift things slightly so it’s desirable to upgrade the most experienced units and replace the rest through traditional training practices.
  • Upgrade Paths
    • Scouts → Levy → Skirmisher → Light Infantry → Airborne
    • Spearmen → Pikemen → Musketmen → Riflemen → …
    • Trireme → Caravel → Frigate → Destroyer
    • Ship of the Line → Ironclad → Battleship → Missile Cruiser
    • Fighter → Jet Fighter
    • Bomber → Stealth Bomber

Resources and Terrain

  • Strategic Resources
    Overhauled the strategic resource placement system.
    In vanilla Civ, a player with a large land area to themselves typically has an oversupply of strategic resources, while a player in a crowded area does not have enough. This is because vanilla Civ randomly places strategics on terrain types without considering player locations or map crowding. It’s fundamentally impossible to balance strategics with this method.The new version places a specific number of strategics in each player’s territory. Click here for details.
  • Oil
    Several more modern units use oil, to improve balance of oil vs aluminum value. Both are doubled by the Fascism policy.
  • Iron
    Siege units no longer require Iron.
    Bronze Working reveals Iron.
    Mathematics requires Bronze Working.
  • Desert and Snow
    Now cost 2 (was 1).
    New Promotions added: Desert Power, Arctic Power and Guerrilla. These promotions increase movement speed in deserts, snow, and hills (only available under certain circumstances).

Combat Bonuses

  • Fortification
    Reduced the fortification bonus. The AI rarely uses fortification well.
  • Flanking
    Increased the flanking bonus.
    The AI uses tactical flanking very well. Strategically the AI also gets production bonuses, so it tends to have a larger but less-experienced army, and a higher flanking bonus favors a larger army.
  • Mounted Penalty vs Cities
    Reduced the mounted unit penalty vs cities.
    Mounted units are already much weaker than footmen vs cities due to the Siege promotion (improved in this mod), which mounted units can’t get, so an additional penalty was simply overkill.

City Siege

  • City-States
    Conquering city-states gives an immediate bonus:

    • Maritime: +X equal to 50 turns of alliance.
    • Cultural: +X equal to 50 turns of alliance.
    • Militaristic: Conscripts units into your army equal to 50 turns of alliance.
  • Siege Units
    More damage against cities and fortified units (stationary targets), less against unfortified land units.
  • Siege” Promotion
    Higher bonus vs cities, lower promotion requirements. Now available to ships.
  • Cities
    Lower healing and higher hitpoints.

Raze-Puppet-Annex Balance

Captured cities resist for a number of turns equal to their post-capture population, up to a maximum of 15 turns

Capturing cities destroys less buildings than vanilla.

Here’s how the city capture mechanic works now:

  1. City captured.
  2. 1 guerrilla fighter rallies from refugees near the defender’s capital (like earlier versions of Civ). The partisan created is a 0xp unit of the highest- resourceless type available to the defender. The goal is to help AIs recover after their initial defensive army is wiped out.
  3. If the city is at least 2, 1 pop dies in the siege.
  4. If the city is still at least 2 after the deaths, 1 of refugees flee to the defender’s capital.

This replaces vanilla’s 50% population loss. In general this nerfs razing of large cities and gives the defender a slight advantage, particularly for AIs. Larger population also means longer revolts for puppeted/annexed cities. At this stage there’s 3 choices for the conqueror:

  • Raze the city (can take significantly longer for large cities now)
  • Puppet the city (have reduced science, -25% yields and unhappiness).
  • Annex the city (courthouses’ costs rise with population, but no maintenance) Courthouse required to bring yields and science to normal.

If puppeting is chosen as a temporary solution, we get these advantages/disadvantages once the decision is made to annex (with Courthouse) the puppet…


  • Yield output of city returns to normal (all yields except science give only 75% when puppeted).
  • / enabled for city.
  • Can control production, buy tiles, and buy buildings.
  • Can change away from governor’s gold focus.
  • Can avoid population growth.


  • Increase in policy cost.
  • More difficult to get National Wonders (because of increased building requirements).

Since the policy cost increase is offset by increased culture output, basically the only downside now is added difficulty to get national wonders. Overall I think this makes annexation the ideal method for large cities, razing for small cities, and puppet states as a temporary solution there’s not enough happiness/money to build/purchase a courthouse.


  • AI Starting Units
    AIs start with a better mix of units, especially on higher difficulties.
  • Barbarians
    • Increased the experience cap against barbarians to level 3 (was level 2).
    • Barbarian camps now always respawn in fog of war (in vanilla this is not assured).
    • Barbarians spawn with a movement bonus based on nearby terrain (Hills, Forest, Snow or Desert.) Also, Barbarians spawning near lots of water can now embark.
    • Delayed the tech level of most Barbarian units by approximately 1 tech (e.g. barbarian swordsmen appear when someone has Metal Casting).
    • Combat bonus vs barbarians is 15%.
    • Barbarians in camps have +25% defense, and attack enemies when odds are favorable. Details
    • Barbarians can heal and upgrade units.
    • 50 from clearing barbarian camps (was 25).
    • Delayed the turn barbarians can enter civilized territory.
    • Barbarians can traverse mountains.
  • Experience and Promotions
    • Promotions are now categorized like below. Nothing changed but the icons. This is just to make it easier to recognize which ones upgrade (earned and unique unit abilities):
      • Gold – upgrades with the unit.
      • Silver – attribute, doesn’t upgrade.
      • Red – penalty, doesn’t upgrade.
    • AIs get free experience and extra sight range for all units on higher difficulties.
    • Unit experience bar shows progress on current level instead of total.
    • Medic promotion heals all units within 1 tile (was only adjacent units) and is only available to Vanguard units.
    • Formation, and Siege now each provide a 30% combat bonus against their respective combat classes (was 25, 25, 30).
    • Merged the Siege and Volley promotions. Click for details.
    • Units with Blitz drop to 1 movement point after the first attack (if they lack the “Attacks Use 1 Move” promotion). Three or more attacks only helped when we already were much more powerful than the enemy, which simply made an easy situation even more trivial.
    • Ranged blitz: Can attack twice at 75% ranged damage (was 100%). Click for details.
    • Merged Charge (20% vs wounded units) and Amphibious (no penalty if attacking from water or over rivers) promotions, to make the combined version more valuable. Charge now also gives 1. The same promotion (minus the amphibious component), called “Hunter” is available to ships.
    • New Promotions added: Desert Power, Arctic Power, and Guerrilla which give faster movement on Desert, Snow and Hill tiles, respectively (only available under certain circumstances).
  • Embarkation
    • 2 at Optics.
    • 3 at Compass (moved from Astronomy).
    • through Oceans at Astronomy.
    • 4 at Steam Power.

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