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Terrain Improvements focuses on balancing worker and GP tile improvements. City Development balances internal city development (buildings, wonders and specialists).

This mod was motivated by a feeling improvement strategies are rather limited. Farms on all rivers and trading post spam everywhere else stifles decision-making. This mod started with a simple +1 to mines and lumbermills with Engineering, and has expanded to other terrain improvements as well. These changes allow more flexibility in city design and development, and diversity of improvement strategies. Several AI enhancements are also included to improve the AI’s ability to intelligently develop their terrain improvements.

Many suggestions have been incorporated into this mod, feedback is welcome!

This page last updated: v157.2, May 24, 2012 by Seek.
Please see main page for more recent changes.

Balance Overview

  • Following the pattern of farms, improvements have been balanced in their tech gains. Access to water for irrigation, trade, or water-powered machinery benefits improvements in the Medieval era. Improvements without water access advance at the start of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Great Person improvements yields increase with certain technologies. In addition, they can now be built on tiles without a resource (as before) or built on strategic resources, giving access to the resource for use and trade.
  • Players with very good terrain (plains, grassland, and floodplains) now have a somewhat shorter spacing between capitals, while players with poor terrain (desert, tundra, marsh) have more room to expand. This existed somewhat in vanilla, but the accuracy of the terrain ratings are improved, which adds more variety in spacing.
  • Strategic resource placement in each Civ’s surrounding area (including nearby City States) is significantly normalized and strategic resources are disbursed in smaller deposits. (Each Civ will have access to about 5 Iron, 4 Horse, etc.)
  • Strategic resources favor Militaristic City States (were unaffected by City States).
  • Forts deal 2 damage to adjacent enemies and cost 3/turn maintenance. Connect strategic resources.
  • Scientific Method reveals Oil and Aluminum (was Chemistry, Electricity).
  • Roads require Trade technology.


Land Terrain

  • Rivers now yield 1 only when improved.
  • Farming a desert now requires fresh water.
  • Deserts now receive more resources.
  • 3Incense (was 2) (often appears in desert).
  • 2Gems (was 3) (Gems are improved by Mint, unlike vanilla).
  • Trading Posts renamed Villages.
  • 2 Villages (was 1).
  • Lumber Mills unlocked at Iron Working (was Construction).
  • +10% for wonders with Marble (was 15%).
  • 30 from chopping Forests (was 20).
  • Fresh water access gives +1 irrigation potential to flat desert (non-floodplains).
  • Resources on flat desert get +1 Gold to make the tile worthwhile.
  • Oasis surrounded by flat desert are more important for local gold than oasis in nicer regions.
  • Rebalanced several resource yields:
    • Wheat: +0 unimproved, +1 improved (was 1f, 0f).
    • Cows: +1 unimproved, +1 improved (was 1f, 1p).
    • Fish: +1 unimproved, +2 improved (was 1f, 1f+1g).

Sea Terrain

  • +1 on Whales and Pearls (was 0).
  • “Atolls” renamed to “Isles.”
  • Islands less than 10% the size of the largest landmass on the map are more abundant in Isles (nee Atolls), Coal, and Stone. Click for details.

Natural Wonders

  • Reduced border expansion cost to resources and natural wonders by 20%.
  • Replaced happiness yields on natural wonders with other yields, since the AI does not seem to recognize happiness yields.
  • Rebalanced Natural Wonders to 8 total yield per wonder.
  • The Rock of Gibraltar, Barrier Reef, and Krakatoa appear near decent city sites much more often.


  • +1 from mining Coal (was 2).
  • Metal Casting reveals Coal (click here for reasoning).
  • Coal abundance now scales to map size (more coal on larger maps, since there are more cities).

Tech Bonuses

New things added in the mod are highlighted in bold.

Bonus Source Improvements Fresh water access?
1 Civil Service Farms Yes
11 EngineeringMachinery Mines Lumbermills
1 Sailing Trading Posts Yes
1 Fertilizer Farms No
1 Iron Working/DynamiteIron Working/Chemistry MinesQuarries NoNo
1 Steam Power Lumbermills No
1 Economics Trading Posts No
Academy  5
Access: Strategic resources.
Tech boost: +3 with Scientific Theory.
Resource: +5 vs normal improvement (pasture, mine, etc).
Flat land: +5 -2 vs Trading Post
Hills: +5 -2 vs Mine
Citadel  2 2
Access: Strategic Resources.
Tech boost: +1 +1 with Military Science.
Resource: +1 +1 vs most normal improvements (pasture, mine, etc).
Flat land: +2 vs Trading Post
Hills: +3 vs Mine
Customs House  5
Access: Strategic Resources.
Tech boost: +3 with Economics.
Resource: +5 vs normal improvement (pasture, mine, etc).
Flat land: +5 vs Trading Post
Hills: +7 -2 vs Mine
Landmark  6
Access: Strategic Resources.
Tech boost: +3 with Archaeology. (Cannot boost culture with techs, so this represents tourism.)
Resource: +6 vs normal improvement (pasture, mine, etc).
Flat land: +6 vs Trading Post
Hills: +6 -2 vs Mine
Manufactory  5
Access: Strategic resources.
Tech boost: +3 with Steam Power.
Resource: +3 vs most normal improvements (mine, oil rig, etc)
Flat land: +5 -2 vs Trading Post
Hills: +3 vs Mine


  • Included the Perfect World map script, modified to fit VEM gameplay. This script is created by cephalo and uses elevation and climate patterns to create terrain.

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