Home of the Civ V Unofficial Patch, G&K Enhanced, and Vanilla Enhanced Mod


By Sneaks

  • Improves AI diplomatic, war, and city development strategies.
  • Eliminates the AI growth and happiness bonuses.
  • Shifts AI science/production bonuses from early to late game. This alleviates the classic problem in Civilization games where early eras are much harder and important than later eras.
  • Provides militaristic bonuses for AIs on higher difficulty levels. (Vanilla has only economic bonuses, giving combat a disproportionate influence on high difficulties.)
  • Added a science bonus for AIs based on difficulty level, and reduced other AI bonuses. Details
  • AI starting units focus more on archers/triremes/workers than vanilla (which gives warriors/workers).
  • When an AI capital is near lots of water, the AI starts with triremes and embarkation.
  • Citystates start with defensive units.
  • Citystates can upgrade units for free.
  • Ancient ruins near AI capitals auto-acquire. Each ruin gives a small amount of gold, science, and culture similar to averaging all the possibilities. The randomness of early AI exploration is a major problem in vanilla.
  • Barbarians cannot enter civilized territory until a turn which depends on difficulty level.

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