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I’m a software engineering graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas. My email is thalassicus@hotmail.com.

Portfolio of University Work

Software Testing (2011)

  • Languages: Java.
  • I worked for Samsung Mobile designing automation for graphical user interface integration testing.
  • Samsung is now using the process we developed to improve testing efficiency and lower the cost of software development.

Mobile Phone Development (2010)

  • Languages: Java.
  • Worked with a team headed by Dr. Lawrence Chung.
  • Dr. Chung is an industry leader in the field of requirements engineering and co-author of the book “Non-Functional Requirements in Software Engineering.”
  • I interfaced external Java SunSPOT sensors with an app for the Google Android OS platform.
  • The app assists elderly or disabled persons in day-to-day activities with memory and communication aids.

Software Testing (2010)

  • I assisted Dr. Eric Wong, an industry leader in the field of software testing.
  • I worked on a many-to-many fault mapping algorithm using machine learning and clustering analysis to speed up the process of testing software.

Independent Portfolio Work

Civilization 5 Unofficial Patch and Vanilla Enhanced (2010-present)

  • Team leader for 11 developers of a 3rd party modification for the historical strategy title Civilization 5.
  • Lua, SQLite, XML.
  • 167,000 downloads by end-users.
  • 540,000 views and 10,800 posts in the forum, with 7,100 views per week of the website.
  • (Numbers as of as of Aug 9 2011.)

Balin’s Tomb (2002-2009)

  • Original, team based, action-oriented dungeon crawl.
  • Full conversion from Warcraft III’s game engine.
  • 31,000 total downloads.

2 responses

  1. Chibiabos

    Is there any way to contact you to report CivUP/VEM bugs besides civfanatics?

    May 10, 2012 at 10:40 am

    • I get a lot of bug reports, so it’s easiest for me to track them when they’re all in one place. Do you have difficulty accessing civfanatics?

      May 10, 2012 at 3:33 pm

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