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This page last updated: v112, October 2.
Please see main page for more recent changes.

Unofficial Patch – Core Mod Details

Moved all gameplay changes from the Civ V Unofficial Patch to the diplomacy part of the balance mod. CIVUP should now be identical in gameplay to vanilla, for those who only want UI enhancements and fixes to bugs/exploits.

  • Disabled combat animations. (Click for Details and instructions for re-enabling the animations)
  • The city view groups specialists by type (were grouped by building – Details) and the city focus UI is more concise.  (Contributions by Sneaks)
  • Autotips
    Building tooltips now automatically read information from the game data files (click here for details). This should fix all current and future building tooltip typo errors, allows automatic translation into all languages of most tooltips for all mods, and saves a huge amount of modders’ time manually updating tips. I plan on extending this to units, promotions, and other tooltips as free time allows.
    • Moved the AutoTips building tag table from Lua to XML. This makes it easier for other mods to add new building tags to tooltips. If you are a modder, look at “AT – BuildingStats.xml” for examples of the default tags.
  • Upgrade Promotions
    Promotions update melee/range status when upgraded. For example, when you upgrade Crossbowmen to Riflemen, Accuracy promotions convert to Shock, and Logistics converts to Blitz. This occurs when you end your turn.
  • Unit Attributes
    Unit attributes which are penalties now apply to only the unit they appear on. For example, Artillery upgraded to Rocket Artillery won’t require set-up to fire. This is an innate attribute of weapons they use (towed artillery pieces) that does not carry over when upgraded to a self-propelled chassis. Similar situations exist for Chariots and Lancers.
    (Firaxis has started including this in official patches so I moved it from the Combat mod to the Unofficial Patch.)

    Corrected promotions for Minuteman and Helicopter. The ground unit can now use roads, and the flying unit cannot. This was reversed, as shown by the domain-color on the promotions being swapped. (Partially fixed in patch, but not completely)
  • Added some support for a new “Law” yield for modmods.
  • Added “Extra Diplomacy Text” by Putmalk. Click for details.
  • Added “Custom Notifications” by Sneaks and Alpaca.
  • Removed the “Occupy” button from the city capture popup. Click for details.
  • Fixed a vanilla bug where Courthouses gave +3.
  • Stables improve production of mounted units, as indicated in the tooltip (was only melee mounted units).
  • Removed the “Bombardment” promotions from Submarines. Subs cannot attack land, so a vs-land bonus is somewhat useless.
  • Building tooltips now update to show yield changes from policies.
  • 50% of citystates appear in uninhabited regions on the Continents Plus and Pangaea Plus map scripts (was 100%).
  • ‘Turns until next policy’ display now shows correct number.
  • No more ‘Lord’ prefix if a female leader has a Tradition policy focus. Title changed to gender-neutral ‘Sovereign.’
  • Advanced Ballistics tooltip indicates Nuclear Missiles require 2 Uranium.
  • The user interface now correctly shows bonuses and penalties when attacking a city. Previously, only the Great General bonus was shown, even though others had effect. (Partially fixed in patch
  • Fixed various promotion tooltips.
  • Added the missing label for the Science yield type (TXT_KEY_YIELD_SCIENCE).
  • Added missing information to the Supply promotion tooltip (it also gives +1 movement speed).
  • Helicopters no longer have a penalty attacking across rivers or from sea.
  • Helicopter “Ambush” promotion now works properly (it had no effect).
  • Fixed an issue where the city growth progress meter (internal city view) always showed as full.
  • Diplomacy votes correctly ignore the barbarian player.
  • Corrected tooltip of Camel Archers to indicate they do not have a weakness to Pikemen.
  • The Woodsman promotion was listed in the Civilopedia under the nonexistent Terrain promotion category, and has been moved to the Melee category.
  • Completed Phase II of standardizing the yield functions.
    • Phase I – Merged food, production, gold, and science.
    • Phase II – Added culture as a yield.
    • Phase III – Add happiness, great person points, and experience as yields.

    Basically I’ve reverse-engineered this part of the core game (we can’t see or modify the c++) and recreated it in code we do have access to. A single function chain works for all yields, replacing the old, separate, inconsistently-named functions for each yield. It is much simpler with this new library to add effects that were not previously feasible. It also makes coding easier, reduces likelihood of errors, and made it possible to fix several bugs in the core game. I might have missed a few things so if you notice any oddities with yields, please check out the Report Bug link at right.

  • For modders, the power of the lua logger has been enhanced. In addition to its previous functionality, it can now accept multiple arguments in the same way as string.format. Each argument is also checked for nil status, and prints “nil” instead of resulting in an error. Example usage:
    logger:Debug( “itemTable=” ..tostring(itemTable).. “itemID=” ..tostring(itemID) )
    logger:Debug( “itemTable=%s itemID=%s”, itemTable, itemID )


The vanilla behavior puts units that upgrade from melee to ranged in a bizarre situation (Horsemen → Camel Archers / Keshiks), since the melee versions of Shock/Drill improve defensive strength, unlike the ranged versions, yet newly-built units of these types cannot get the promotions. It also causes problems for continuing your promotions, due to how prerequisites work. It makes much more sense for ranged promotions to only apply to ranged units, and vice versa. This also means archer units are a little more useful, since their promotions won’t become worthless when upgraded to Riflemen.
It’s also odd for units like Artillery to still require setup after upgrading to Rocket Artillery. It’s a disadvantage of the towed weapon Artillery use, and no longer applies once on the self-propelled truck of Rocket Artillery. A similar situation exists with Chariot Archers upgrading to Knights. There’s no reason commanders abandoning chariots and training as Knights should still have the rough terrain movement penalty, since that was a limitation of the chariot design itself.


If you encounter any problems, please see the Bug Reports thread here.

Compatibility for the Unofficial Patch can be somewhat tricky, due to the large amount of bugfixes and improvements to the game’s user interface. User interface mods are often incompatible due to altering similar parts of the UI.


Thanks to everyone on the mod threads on the CivFanatics.com forum for their valuable feedback. In particular, thank you to these individuals for specific fixes in the past. Suggestions and fixes are starting to come too fast to keep this section up to date anymore without spending hours each week on documentation, but know I’m thankful for all the help!

akamal Happiness display with garrisoned units.
alpaca Invaluable work finding how to retrieve a lot of building data for tooltips.
BomberEscort Advanced Ballistics help text.
JANorton Technology linking issue.
jwallstone Rocket Artillery upgrade.
Lazy Knight Monasteries, Angkor Wat tooltips.
lockstep Off-by-one error on turns until next policy.
lukeloh Harbor tooltip.
Moriboe Cristo Redentor tooltip.
MouseyPounds VictoryProgress.lua fix.
Mwellrett Workers overwriting improvements.
Perkus Bonuses and penalties display when attacking cities.
Porges Advanced Ballistics quote, Lord Elizabeth.
The_J Pointed out posted fixes for several bugs.
tokala Floating gardens and watermill tooltips.

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