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  1. Overview
  2. Trade Agreements
  3. City States

This page last updated: v151.9, April 26, 2012 by Seek.
Please see main page for more recent changes.


  • Peace treaties last 20 turns (was 10).
  • Significantly increased the diplomatic bonus for liberating an AI capital.
  • Major-civ AIs value gold somewhat more in trades, and may be less willing to part with it.

Trade Agreements

  • With Mutual Open Borders, 1% of the combined gross income of both players adds to gross income per turn (income, not profit=income-expenses).
  • Research Agreements: 2% of the combined gross of both players adds to your science rate.
  • Alliance (formerly Declaration of Friendship): Doubles income from Research Agreements and Mutual Open Borders with this leader.


  • City-States now also show total influence of the the Civ with the largest or next-largest amount of influence.
  • City-States will no longer request civilizations to kill other citystates.
  • Influence from completing quests increased.
  • 80% from gold payments to City-States.
  • City-State borders expand 25% faster.
  • Liberated citystates retain a maximum of 50 with former allies who are not the liberator.
  • When a civilization dies, its influence with all citystates resets to 0. (added by whoward69)
  • Killing a citystate gives -1.5 per turn with nearby citystates (was -2), and major civs have a smaller diplomatic penalty for conquering a city-state.
  • Empires with 2 or fewer cities receive slightly lower citystate yields.

Militaristic City-States

  • Militaristic City-State rewards now work off a reward pool, instead of by game turn. (Click for details.)
  • Militaristic City-State reward units in the following ways:
      • Start with 10*Era XP.
      • Arrive at the capital on a periodic basis.
      • Can be any military unit the capital can build.
      • Each friend/ally militaristic citystate increases spawn rate 75%/100% (respectively).

Maritime City-States

  • Maritime City-States now give a fixed total of 2(friend)/3(ally) per era. This total food is split among all cities, with each city’s allocation based on its status (capital gets more, razing cities get none, etc). The food each city receives is detailed when you hover the mouse over the city’s food total in the city view.
    • The city modifiers for Maritimes are (with Culturals being similar) :
      000% – Razing
      000% – “Avoid Growth” button checked (effect lessens when over 80% of cities are on avoid status)
      050% –Puppet
      050% – Not connected to Capital
      200% – Resistance
    • Note,
      • Cities with a food focus are now sent more Maritime food than other cities.
      • If more than 50% of cities in the empire are on “avoid growth,” it has less effect on funneling Maritime food away from the city.
    • Rationale:
      • No reason to send food to a city being razed.
      • The avoid growth and puppet modifiers are to give us time to react if we capture highly-populated cities. Without a way to block food in an annexed city or reduce it for puppets, it could cause starvation elsewhere. Reducing food to puppets and ‘avoid growth’ cities gives us time to react and strategize.
      • Just like city capture, the ‘connected’ modifier is to mitigate the impact of newly-founded cities, again to give us time to adjust things elsewhere. I think the large gold income and doubled food from connecting a new city outweighs a small reduction in food to other cities.
      • Extra food to a city in resistance helps prevent starvation.
      • Capital received a bonus in vanilla.

Cultural City-States

  • Culture from Cultural City-States is now a city yield, working identically to the food yield from maritime City-States (see above). This means cultural city states are now affected by modifiers and improve border expansion in cities.
  • Cultural city-states use a smooth per-era curve like Maritime city-states. (For reference, the values for Ancient, Medieval and Industrial are unchanged.)

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