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GotVEM #3 Winners!

Here are the high scores for GotVEM #3 – one for fastest finish, another for high HOF score. All the submitted entries were Science and Conquest Victories.

The winners are:


  • Fastest Finish: redrover57 (281 turns)
  • High HOF Score: lindanealmck (4792)


  • Fastest Finish: Bernd-das-brot (222 turns)
  • High HOF Score: Bernd-das-brot (3300)

In light of this game’s difficulty, Bernd-das-brot’s conquest finish time was particularly impressive.

– Txurce


v122 General Release


  • Freedom finisher correctly gives happiness from specialists.
  • Added a possible fix for issues where cities with courthouses retain occupied status.

v121 General Release


  • Darius: Satrap’s Court gives 150 + 3/turn Golden Age points (was 200 + 5/turn).


  • Constitution: 50% longer golden ages (was 100%).


  • Fixed the arrangement of the Englightenment tree. It should now match the changes intended to be in v118. Details

v120 General Release

I’m taking a break from modding for a while to focus on friends, family, and work. I’ll continue to fix bugs, update Games of the Month, and check forum posts, but less frequently than before. Happy gaming! 🙂


  • When Germany captures barbarian settlers or workers, it no longer duplicates the unit.
  • Captured barbarian units after warriors/archers/spears now correctly cost maintenance.
  • Barbarian caravels require Astronomy to enter oceans.
  • Barbarian pikemen upgrade to musketmen.
  • Persia’s trait effects now match the description (+50% duration was removed in v116).
  • Fixed the Sovereignty tooltip.
  • Reformation correctly gives a 10-turn golden age.
  • The tooltip for mutual open borders now shows it needs Trade, not Writing.
  • Killing a barbarian near a citystate displays the correct influence on the notification.

GotVEM Game #3 Fixed

I’ve uploaded a copy of the map with all paid DLCs correctly disabled. Sorry for the mistake and delay, I was away visiting family over the weekend. 🙂

Click Here to begin Game #3!