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I’m taking a break from modding to spend extra time with family. I’ll probably be back at it again later this week or next. 🙂


Civup v2.0.46


  • Fixed a bug with Artist culture not showing on the tooltip when using Civup without Gem.

Civup v2.0.45


  • Changed some code in an attempt to reduce lag. Click for details.

Gem v1.7.9


  • 100% maintenance cost for barbarian units (was 150%).
  • Unit upgrade cost changed to 2.25 times the production cost difference between new and old units (was 3.0).
  • 5 Moves Submarines (was 7) with +25% attack and -25% defense (was 0, 0).


  • Swapped the sci-from-happy and free scientist effects in the Knowledge tree.
  • Humanism no longer has prerequisites.
  • Rearranged policies in the Honor tree.


  • Increased the frequency of opportunities, especially in the early game.
  • Improved the “Barbarian Mercenaries” opportunity. It can now give three different types of units, and gives ships only to coastal cities.


  • Survivalism no longer gives an unintended +25% defense bonus.
  • Great Prophets can no longer be captured.
  • Fixed a bug with Trebuchet cost & strength.
  • Missile Cruiser requires oil, as intended.
  • Fixed bugs with the Coffee House.
  • Fixed bugs with Ironclad and Ship of the Line resource requirements.
  • Fixed a rounding bug with several ship costs.
  • Hakkas no longer start with an unintended Ambush promotion.
  • Fixed-value science yields are now correctly doubled (mainly affects Mayan Pyramid).
  • Inspiration policy no longer gives an unintended worker.

New discussions!

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Click to post your thoughts about Barbarians after trying GEM v1.7 (or later).

Gem v1.7.3


  • Scaled barbarian heal rate to match higher G&K unit hitpoints.
  • Fixed the cost and effects of the Satraps Court and Coffee House to match changes to the buildings they replace.
  • Sped up year progression (when compared to current turn).
  • Fixed a bug with Sejong’s leader flavors.
  • Moved the score-altering changes to Gem.xml in the Gem folder.
  • Added a new unit flag icon for Levies.

Gem v1.7, Civup v2.0.44


  • Added this section of the mod to GEM from VEM.  Click for details.


  • Honor: 10 per 1 of defeated barbarians (was 5 to 1).


  • Liburna cannot enter oceans.
  • The Meritocracy gold income sound now plays only for the player who gets the policy.