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I apologize for the long delay getting version 3.4 out, and updating GEM/VEM for the July patch. I’ve been going through a stressful time with a medical difficulty a family member’s having with her vision, which will likely require eye surgery. It’s made it hard to concentrate on Civilization lately. I’m continuing to make progress on the mod, but slower than during July. Thank you for your patience.


Pending update

We finished the Leaders update. We expect to release it within a few days after testing it. This is a major overhaul of the organization of the project, most leader bonuses, and many interface elements.

Communitas Map released to Workshop

I feel confident enough in the stability of the Communitas Map I released it to the workshop.

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Things going on with work and family earlier this week delayed my progress on version 3.4 (Leaders). I’m starting on it again, and expect to finish next week.

Pending update

The next update improves three major areas. I expect to release it by Friday August 16th.

  • Most leader enhancements done.
  • Building, tech, and promotion tooltips automatically write themselves (less workload and bugs).
  • Project split in three parts:
    • Communitas AI and Tools (core stuff)
    • Communitas Expansion Pack (gameplay)
    • Communitas Interface (coming later)

Cep v3.3.4 Beta

This update reactivates some simpler building changes from Gem, and balances several units.

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Communitas Map v1.2.2

Fixed a bug causing only one ocean rift to form.

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