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Archive for March, 2011

Update: v6.3

  • Fixed a bug where city surplus food modifiers were calculated higher than intended for maritime citystates.
  • Minimum turn time for techs is now 0.
  • Moai statue tooltip clarified.
  • 75% naval defender strength modifier (was 40%)
  • Temple now provides culture on resources (was gold).

I hadn’t done the Temple thing before because there was no “culture on resources” attribute for buildings, only “culture per distinct resource type” (for Monasteries) which I felt was unnecessarily complicated. They changed how that works in the March patch. The game is still inconsistant for culture however. It requires the tile to be improved and does not properly display the yield bonus on the tile (unlike other yields). These are vanilla bugs we can’t fix as modders. The root cause is because culture isn’t actually a yield, it’s handled through lots of “hacky” manually-added stuff in the files.


Update: v6.2

  • Fixed a complex vanilla bug relating to base and surplus yield modifiers, solving a problem with the Pioneer Fort. Base modifiers and surplus modifiers are now completely separate (in vanilla there was some ambiguous overlap).

Update: v6.0, v6.1

Annoyingly… the mod browser blocks minor version decimal points (5.10) and blocks high version numbers (510), so I had to increment to 60. Sorry for any confusion this might cause! The tools we have are limited. 😦


  • To give Autocracy more gameplay value, it is no longer blocked by Liberty.


  • Fixed a critical error with the city production popup.

Update: v5.8

  • Fixed a bug causing the Aztec culture bonus to not properly distribute culture to cities.
  • Fixed a bug where the anti-cavalry promotion incorrectly stated it was a bonus vs mounted units.
  • Fixed a bug displaying incorrect food and culture on the city production popup.
  • Fixed a bug where the Utopia Project could be built too early.
  • Seaport gives +15xp for Sea Units
  • Arsenal gives +15xp for Land Units
  • Reduced XP from Armory and Military Academy so total land-unit XP from buildings remains 60.
  • A.I. units start with a small amount of experience at higher difficulties, based on difficulty setting and era. This compensates for the fact the A.I. does not manage experienced units well.
  • Lancers, Anti-Tank Guns, and Helicopters now have access to the Scouting and Survivalism promotions. Try them out for boosting flanking bonuses, scouting, and pillaging. 🙂
  • 165 Lancer (was 240).
  • 250 Anti-Tank Gun (was 350).

Update: v5.7

  • Base of Submarine & NukeSub reverted to vanilla.
  • +50% vs Capital Ships for Submarine & NukeSub.
  • 70 defense Carrier (was 30).
  • Unit maintenance reverted to /50 (was /75).
  • -1 +1 on Coasts.
  • 29 Cannon (was 31).

Update: v5.6

The mod is now available on the mod browser again, if you prefer to download that way. Version 5.6 is “56” on the browser, since ModBuddy disallows ‘minor version’ decimal points. I skipped a version due to some uploading difficulties.


  • Fixed the vanilla bug where Stealth Bombers cannot get promotions.
  • Fixed the bug where the Pioneer Fort was not working.
  • Fixed the bug where Ironclads and Guided Missiles had the wrong siege promotion.
  • National Treasury and Ironworks now match the flat+percentage combination pattern of the National College.
  • Hospitals now provide +25% food (was +15%). Break-even point with vanilla is a size 10 city.

Update: v5.4

I’m taking a break from modding for a while to focus on work and family. I’ll still be watching the forum threads to update with minor changes whenever bugs or gameplay issues are found, and will go on with heavy-duty modding when I feel ready to continue. 🙂

  • Oligarchy should correctly negate unit maintenance now.
  • Unit maintenance is now cost/75 (was cost/100).
  • Reduced amount of Oil on the map.
  • Added specialist slots to Power Plants, Broadcast Towers, and the Observatory.
  • Slightly reduced policy costs.