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Archive for March, 2013


I’m on a break from modding for a while, to focus more on friends and family. I plan to start working on this project again as summer approaches. I hope everyone has a wonderful spring!


Project collaboration

I’m working on several features to make it easy for people to contribute changes to the project.

Most importantly, the project will now be kept up to date all the time on github.com/Thalassicus. If you want to improve to the project simply:

  1. Get your personal “forked” copy.
  2. Make changes.
  3. “Pull” your changes back to the original project.
  4. I will review the request prior to adding it to the project.

Click for details.

With a normal project like this, Github allows changes to the root project once a project administrator approves the changes (called a “pull request”). I will do this review process. This will ensure ensure Communitas remains a high-quality expansion pack for Civ 5. 🙂

In addition, I am moving the detailed patch notes to the wiki, so anyone who contributes to the project can include their changes in the patch notes. The news site civmodding.wordpress.com will focus on general news, and summaries of the most important changes in each patch.

Updated workshop

I updated the steam workshop versions of the project today. I forgot to apply the hotfix there a month ago, then got so involved with my job I didn’t have time to read bug reports indicating the workshop version was not updated. Oops! Sorry about that.