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City Development

  • Angkor Wat: +50 with every city-state (was -25% border expansion costs).
  • Chichen Itza: +4 and +25% duration (was 0 happiness, 50% goldenage).
  • Kremlin: Minimum 2-tile border radius for every city, plus -25% border expansion costs (was defense and a citystate influence bonus).
  • Sydney Opera House: 2 free policies and 1/turn (was 1, 4).
  • Cristo Redentor: +2 for Artists (was 1 culture for every specialist).
    (These two late world wonders come so close to the end of the game, unless they are powerful there’s not enough time for them to be worth the investment in hammers.)
  • Monastery: 2 maintenance (was 0), and can be built in any city.
  • Mint: Can be built in any city.


  • Renamed Militia to Vanguard, to more accurately represent their role in open warfare.
    The vanguard is the leading part of an advancing military formation. It has a number of functions, including seeking out the enemy and securing ground in advance of the main force. The word Vanguard originates with the medieval French avant-garde, “the ward in front.” The vanguard derives from the division of a Medieval European army into three battles or wards: Van, Main, and Rear. The vanguard would lead the line of march and would deploy first on the field of battle, either in front of the other wards or to the right if they stood in line.
  • Scouts and Vanguard receive a combat bonus when supported by a friendly military unit. Click Here for details.
  • 4 Scouts (was 5).
  • 9 Vanguard (was 10).
  • 13 Swordsmen and Horsemen (were 12).
  • Anti-Air and Anti-Tank guns are regular Melee units again (were Support).
  • Reduced the fortification bonus to 10|20|30% (was 20|40) (the A.I. rarely uses it).


  • Mohawk Warriors are resource-free again.


  • Swapped the happiness/gold on Professional Army (now focused on gold) and the Honor finisher (now gives happiness).
  • Finishing Honor additionally gives +1 in each Puppet State.
  • Swapped the happiness/culture on Organized Religion (now gives culture) and Free Religion (now gives happiness).
  • Swapped Secularism and Free Thought.
  • Constitution: +10% City Strength and +1 for each Specialist (was city strength and 3 culture per defense building).


  • Fixed a bug causing Aristocracy to give +2 to Puppet States.
  • When using only CiVUP, Great Scientists use the vanilla tech selection method.
  • The Pentagon correctly heals all units every turn (was only healing land units).


Renamed the package to “Civ V Unofficial Patch and Vanilla Enhanced.”


  • Darious: Satrap’s Court gives +0.5 per (was +1 gold and +25% military production).
  • Darius: 9 Immortals (was 8).
  • Hiawatha: Units move faster in Forests and Jungle, and within cultural borders these tiles count as Roads (was only the latter).
  • Hiawatha: Mohawk Warriors require Iron again (reverted to v7.5).


  • When using only CiVUP, maritime citystates give the correct amount of food.
  • Fixed a problem causing some things to not load in the renamed version of the mod.
  • The AI builds more mounted units.

A rose by any other name…

We’re a few weeks from the one year mark of this project, and thank you for everyone who’s played the mod so far! 🙂

I’ll work on this for at least another month or so, but after that, due to job and family I probably won’t be able to spend as much time on this project as I have in the past. For this and other reasons I’ve decided to rename the mod. Other people might work on this project in the future so I dropped my name from the title. This project has also become much more than simply game balance. The  continuing mission of the Starship En… I mean the project is:

This mod enhances the fun, challenge, and strategy of gameplay decisions while remaining very close to vanilla Civ V.

With the advice of friends, I’ve picked the accurate and simple title, “Vanilla Enhanced Mod.”

The ModBuddy bug is fixed!

dshirk of Firaxis:

“Fixed a crash that would occur when users log into online services.”

I can access the ModBrowser again! I’ve started uploading to the ModBrowser again for those who prefer to get the mod there.

And at long last, I was able to remove all the outdated ancestral components of this mod uploaded on my Thalassicus1 account a year ago.


Here’s a quick hotfix for the problem with Stonehenge in 8.7.1. I was also working on some things with CiVUP, and hopefully this version won’t have any bugs, but I haven’t had time to test it thoroughly yet. 😉

If you encounter any problems please use the “Report Bug” link at right.

City Development

  • Gardens are buildable in any city.


  • When Stonehenge is built, it gives tiles to that player instead of player 1 (the human).
  • Gandhi’s trait tooltip shows the correct 20% value.
  • Helicopters no longer have two identical Ambush promotions available.
  • Moved the following gameplay changes from the Civ V Unofficial Patch to the diplomacy part of the balance mod. CIVUP should now be identical in gameplay to vanilla, for those who only want UI enhancements and fixes to bugs/exploits.
    • Finite research from Great Scientist lightbulbing.
    • Finite citystate yields.
    • Combined research agreement pool.
    • Bonus to mutual open borders agreements.


Click here to pick your 5 Favorite Leaders!

I’ve also posted my thoughts on specialist economies (click here).

City Development

  • Stonehenge instantly expands the city border to the 3rd ring and gives 1 2 (was 6 culture and 1 GE point).
  • 5 and 1 policy with Oracle (moved some culture here from Stonehenge) (was 3 culture and 1 policy).
  • 6 3 Hanging Garden (was 5 food and free Garden).
  • +25% cost Porcelain Tower, and gives a free Great Scientist again.


  • +25% cost and maintenance of Knights.


  • Gandhi: 40% storage Sanitation Systems (was 20%).
  • Gandhi: -20% from population (was 25%).
    (I’ve found Gandhi’s late-game happiness usually outpaces growth.)
  • Elizabeth: 14 Longbows (was 15).


  • The Tradition finisher now correctly gives +15% in all cities.



  • 20% vs wounded units with Charge or Hunter (was 25%).

City Development

  • 90 cost, +10 cost per population Courthouse (lower base cost, but higher in later/larger cities).
  • +50% Garden (was 25).
  • +1 on water tiles with a Harbor, and no longer gives a bonus on sea resources (reverted to v7.5).
  • 2 Mint plus 2 on Silver, Gold, Gems (was 2, 3).
  • 3 Merchants (was 4).
  • 25% Stock Exchanges (was 33%).
  • Kremlin increases current influence with citystates by +50% (was +200%) and no longer gives a defense bonus in the city it’s built (only a global bonus).
  • Scaled up production numbers by approximately 25% (both income and costs).
    This means 1 = 1 = 1 = 1. Click here for details.
  • Normalized the effects and costs of National Wonders (similar to patch This mainly involved:
    • Increased Heroic Epic cost and power.
    • Decreased Oxford University cost and power.


  • Merged “CsebMod Extended Plot Mouseover” to the Unofficial Patch. EPM adds information to the world mouse-over tooltip. In addition to the original features, the merged version also includes:
    • Improved formatting.
    • Unit movement and experience, if our team.
    • Unit and city health, if damaged.
    • Accurate worker turns until improvement completion.
    • In the Civ options menu, checking “No Basic Tooltip Help” hides these parts of the tooltip:
      • Labels
      • Unit strength
      • Unit movement
      • Terrain defense
      • What improvements connect a resource
      • The help tip saying “Press alt for more.” (Pressing alt still displays the extra information.)


  • Charge promotion now correctly gives a movement bonus.
  • The Great Scientist research mission now shows the correct icon.