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Release schedule

I pushed the release schedule back one week to consider which wonders to link to which policies (discuss), and give the team more time to finish updating policies.


Communitas v3.8.1 – Feedback

This update makes minor changes based on community feedback on the forum.

Download & Details


I’m moving the downloads to this page:


This will combine four things in one convenient place:

  • Downloads from CivFanatics
  • Version history from the wiki
  • News from wordpress
  • ModBuddy source code for the project

Old download pages will link to the new location. I think people will be able to download old versions of the project here. People have requested that feature ever since Civ 5 changed over to the steam workshop (which doesn’t store back-versions). This github system is somewhat new to me, so I’m still learning how it all works. 🙂

Click to discuss.

Communitas v3.8 – Wonders

This update reactivates the fun enhancements to world wonders from the G&K Enhanced Mod. We adjusted many things to fit the way things are in BNW. Thank you AlyDash for your help and support in developing this update.

Visit the issue tracker if you discover a bug, or drop by the discussion forum to talk about the improvements to wonders. Anything in the project can change based on feedback. Some of the wonders will adjust for the Policies update next week.


Communitas v3.7 – Bugfixes

This update improves stability by fixing many bugs. Most of this work was done by Stackpointer and ExpiredReign, who are now lead programmers on the team. Thank you guys!

Please visit the new issue tracker if you encounter any issues or bugs while playing this release.

We plan for a major update each Thursday of the next few weeks. See our milestones for details. I expect to release the project to the Steam Workshop sometime during this period. I also plan to update the interface gradually throughout this time, reactivating many features that existed in Civup prior to BNW’s release.

Download ~ Details

Communitas Map v1.4

This update brings trading partners closer together for some circumstances.

Download ~ Details