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Games of the Month Postponed

Between work, family, Skyrim, and playing SW:TOR with friends, I have not had much time for other things. Since each GotVEM takes at least 10 hours to prepare, I’m going to postpone future Games of the Month until I start modding Civ again. This will probably be when either: A) we get game core code access (“the dll”) or B) an expansion pack is released.


GotVEM 4

I’ve been busy traveling and visiting family, so Game 4 will be out at the end of December (for the month of January).

~ Thalassicus


The password to Planet Druidia’s atmospheric lock is 1… 2… 3…


  • 25% bonus vs mobile units with Ambush II (was 50%).


  • Darius: Golden Ages give +1  and +10% (was 1, 0).
  • Darius: Satrap’s Court gives 200 + 2/turn Golden Age points (was 200 + 5/turn).
  • Bismark: Only units of the same domain as a barbarian can capture that barbarian (land vs land, sea vs sea). If archers kill pirates, the pirate ships sink. Triremes can board and capture pirates.
  • Bismark: Capturing a barbarian ends the captured barb’s turn (starts with 0 movement points).