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GEM Public Release!

I released the first non-beta public release of the G&K Enhanced Mod. I consider it about as stable and fun as VEM, and will continue improving it from here.

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I expect a few glitches as we transition to this stage of development, so please click here if you encounter any serious problems.

Patch Notes – Civup v2.3, Gem v1.12


  • Moving citizens in a city should now immediately update the visual display of yields.
  • Clicking a “sell resource” button on the Trade screen should work properly now.
  • Promotions removed in GEM no longer appear on the bottom-left promotion selection box.

Civup v2.2.8, Gem v1.11.6

I’m working on fixing an unusual and complex bug with the display of yields in cities. It might take a while, so I decided to go ahead and release today’s update with what I have so far.


  • Mobile units no longer have a 10% defense penalty on forests and hills (still cannot fortify).
  • +6 range with Air Range (was +2).


  • Sorted tooltips from most to least important information. Click for details.
  • Revised promotion tooltips so they follow a standard pattern.
  • Unit tooltips now show special abilities.

Mod Tools

  • Added a PromotionClass table.
  • Added Anti-Mobile and Naval Bombardment unit flavors.


  • Merged the wonder artwork into 1 file (Thank you sukritact!).
  • Fixed many inaccurate promotion tooltips.
  • Clarified the trade route tooltips and descriptions.
  • Military Tradition provides the correct 20% production bonus for military units and buildings.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the tech-AI from analyzing Roads and Railroads.
  • Mayans start with an Atlatlist as intended, which have the Woodsman ability.
  • Resources which require a camp now correctly need Archery.
  • Farms are buildable in jungle as intended.
  • Reduced cost of Terracotta Army back to the intended lower expense.
  • Modern Armor no longer turn obsolete.
  • Bell Labs now has the correct quote (not on the Duomo anymore).
  • Monarchy no longer gives an unintended happiness bonus in the capital.
  • Fixed a bug with notification images for city capture.
  • The visual display of city screen yields should now update after purchasing a building.
  • Lansknecht now cost the intended 80% of pikemen (not 180%).
  • Possibly fixed a bug involving the Building Addons system (used for some modmods).
  • Policies which add yields to buildings should work correctly again.
  • The purchase cost multiplier now shows as a percentage like 200% (instead of 2.0x).
  • The Autocracy finisher should now correctly give 30 experience to all active units.
  • Capturing citystates should correctly give 50 turns of yield now.


I’m back from visiting family. I expect to have a new version of the project out by later today, once I’m done checking up on bug reports.


Civup v2.2.7, Gem v1.11.5

I consider Gem about as stable and polished as Vem. If we discover no major bugs in the next few days, I will bring Gem out of beta and upload it to the Steam Workshop. After that, I plan to test various options for making leaders more fun, particularly the ones added in G&K.


  • +33% cost Galleass and Carrack.
  • -25% Hwach’a.
  • +25% Battering Rams.
  • Maximum of -25% production modifier when above the unit supply cap (was max -75%).


  • Barbarians can enter civilized territory sooner.


  • 150% income from Specialists.
  • 150% costs for Great People.
  • +50% income with Tradition Finisher (was 25%).
  • +100% income with Democracy (was 75%).


  • Reduced influence from citystate competition quests (they make things easier when already ahead).
  • Increased from Bully and Denounce citystate quests.


  • Clicking a resource number on the Trade screen should bring up the diplomacy window now.
  • Peace treaties should show up properly on the trade screen now.
  • The Trade window should now work after players trade cities.
  • Removed the erroneous -25% defense penalty from the Battering Ram.

Leader Polls

Click to vote for which leaders we should make more fun!

I split the poll into original leaders, and those who need paid extras (more information in the post).

Loading issue

If you have time, please click here to help speed up game loading.

Civup v2.2.5


  • Wonder and building headings should be openable again be opened in the City View.
  • Undid the game load change, to give me more time to figure out why G&K corrupts lua tables (affects building tooltips). This will unfortunately increase game load times back to 50-160 seconds, up from 1 second, so I’m determine to figure out what G&K broke. 🙂