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Archive for November, 2012

Gem v1.10: World Wonders


  • 50% Spears vs Mounted (returned to original VEM value).


  • 2.8x purchase modifier for Settlers (was 2.3x).
  • Created and updated many World Wonders. Click for details.
    New wonders have temporary placeholder art.


  • +20 resting influence with Papal Primacy (was 30).


  • Byzantium should be able to build Triremes and Dromon again.
  • Updated Dromon, Minutemen, and Indian War Elephants to match changes to their base units.
  • England’s trait should now correctly give +30 experience for ships, instead of +2 movement.

Civup v2.1


  • Renamed “Local Happiness” to “City Happiness.”
  • Renamed “Global Happiness” to “National Happiness.”
  • Added the City Limits mod by Kilandor. This shows a 3-tile ring around cities when a city or settler is selected.
  • Added air movement speed controls to the existing land speed controls in the Civup options file. This defaults to 4x the speed of the unmodded game.
  • Improved readability of “+yield for improvement” tooltips on technologies.

Mod Tools

  • These effects now show on tooltips:
    • Free Resource (recycling center)
    • Max Per Player (recycling center)
    • Religion Pressure (grand temple)
    • Requires Holy City (grand temple)
  • Disabled flag promotion customizability to speed up game start times. If you wish to customize what promotions are visible, set this to 0 in the Civup options file:

Tuner Mods

  • Added the capability to change terrain with the tuner, like for creating canals. Click for details.


  • The promotion and upgrade trees should be visible on the top-right diplo corner list again.
  • Top bar turns until next religion or prophet no longer shows “infinity” when religion and prophets are unavailable.
  • Monument to the Gods belief should work again.
  • Science-from-happiness policies should work correctly now.
  • (Internal) Reorganized folders in the ModTools and Interface directories to make it easier to find things.

Vem v167


  • Fixed a bug preventing the use of shift-click to queue up multiple techs on the tech tree.

Gem v1.9.1, Civup v2.0.51


  • The Great Engineer hurry mission tooltip should now match its effect.
  • The BuildingClassYieldChanges table should now work (Neuschwanstein effect). (Updated in 2.0.51)
  • Changed the name of “Choson Dynasty” to “Joseon Dynasty,” the modern standard translation.
  • The healing effect of the Medic and Survivalist promotions should now match their tooltips.
  • The ignore terrain promotion is now gold (remains when upgraded) when using only Civup (was incorrectly silver).
  • Egyptian Chariot Archers should show up properly now.
  • Fixed the text string for “while defending, your A (B damage) killed C.”

Gem v1.9: Faith

Click to see the equation I use to balance yields, or provide feedback on that. I compared average expected yield per city from each belief. Faith yield is handled with educated guesses instead of a formula, since its value changes significantly over time.

I plan to release GEM to Steam by December.


  • Reduced AI preferences to build Airborne, AA guns, and Mobile SAM.


  • Modern Armor no longer obsolete with the discovery of GDRs.
  • +25% vs cities for GDRs (was +0%).


  • 2 from Camps with Goddess of the Hunt (was 1).
  • 3 in cities with 3+ and God of Craftsmen (was 1).
  • 3 from Fishing Boats with God of the Sea (was 1).
  • 3 from cities with a trade route and Messenger of the Gods (was 4).
  • 3 from Shrines with Ancestor Worship (was 2).
  • 3 from Pastures with God of the Open Sky (was 2).
  • 3 from Plantations with Oral Tradition (was 2).
  • 1 from Villages with Religious Settlements (was -15% border expansion cost).
  • 3 from open Tundra with Dance of the Aurora (was 1).
  • 10 from Natural Wonders with One With Nature (was 4).
  • Gain 2 per 1  of defeated units with God of War (was 0.5 faith per strength).

Founder & Follower Beliefs

  • 2 from Shrines and Temples with Feed the World (was 1).
  • 4 in cities with a specialist and Guruship (was 2).
  • 3 in cities with Church Property (was 2).
  • 1 per 3 following Tithe (was 1 per 4).
  • 25 per follower of other faiths in cities when spreading Interfaith Dialogue (was 20).
  • 1 per 1 foreigners following World Church (was 1 per 2).
  • 4 per foreign city following Pilgrimage (was 1).
  • 4 per world wonder with Divine Inspiration (was 2).
  • 4 from Amphitheaters with Liturgical Drama (was 1).
  • 30 from Hermitage with Religious Art (was 15).
  • +1% per follower (max 20%) with Religious Community (was 1%, max 15%).
  • +25% surplus food in all cities when not at war with Swords to Plowshares (was 15%).
  • +30 resting influence with citystates following Papal Primacy (was 15).

Enhanced Beliefs

  • 150% strength and 66% cost prophets with Messiah (was 125%, 75%).
  • 50% cost for Missionaries and Inquisitors with Holy Order (was 70%).
  • 200% missionary conversion strength with Missionary Zeal (was 125%).
  • 130% spread distance with Itinerant Preachers (unchanged).
  • 133% (166% with Printing Press) spread speed with Religious Texts (unchanged).
  • 1000% spread speed to citystates with Religious Unity (was 200%).
  • 500 each time a Great Person is used with Reliquary (was 50).
  • 140% combat strength near friendly cities following Defender of the Faith (was 120%).
  • 140% combat strength near enemy cities following Just War (was 120%).


  • Discipline promotion tooltip now matches the policy description.
  • Harbors give population when built as Gandhi (not Lighthouses).
  • The text for the Barbarian Mercenaries opportunity should now match its effects.
  • The Boarding Party promotion line for Hunter Ships should be correctly replaced with Targeting.
  • The icons for mod-added unique units and buildings should show up now.

Civup v2.0.49


  • Building wonders should work again.

Civup bug

An error appeared in the latest release of the project a few days ago (glitch when attempting to build wonders), but I’ve been sick with the flu since Sunday. I’m starting to recover now. I expect to be able to locate the civup error once my headaches clear up.

Thank you for your patience. 🙂